The 5 BIM Management Love Languages (Plus Tips to Optimize Them)

The 5 BIM Management Love Languages (Plus Tips to Optimize Them)

You’ve likely heard of the standard 5 Love Languages (Quality Time, Gifts, Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, and Physical Touch), but have you heard of the 5 Love Languages of BIM Managers?  

Yep, it’s a thing. At least it is as of today.  

Check out the 5 Love Language of BIM Managers below. We’d love to hear which one you are!

Time-Saving Technology 

If your love language is Time-Saving Technology, this means that you seek out tools that streamline your workflows and processes.  

Our tip for you: It’s fun to find a tool that could potentially do the work for you. But sometimes you can add too many tools, implementing ones that are unnecessary or a waste of time.  

UNIFI is one tool that does the work of many (for example: storing/inserting content, approving content, requesting content, user permissions, project analytics, and more). This provides you with a single source of truth for all your content-related workflows. 

Purposeful Processes 

If your love language is having Purposeful Processes, then this means that you like to have a clear workflow for you and your team members.  

Our tip for you: A good workflow that is efficient does wonders for a team, but if it’s not needed, it’s downright destructive. Consider implementing processes that are purposeful, such as naming conventions, a content approval process, and an efficient workflow for handling content requests. 

Intuitive Implementation 

If your love language is Intuitive Implementation, then you want the right thing to be easy for your team to do. You understand that a team can have great processes and technology, but if it’s still easier for them to do the wrong thing, then all those processes and tools are for naught. 

Our tip for you: Utilize a content management platform such as UNIFI to make it easy for you and your team members to find what you need when you need it through its robust search feature that includes tags, saved searches, and more.

Data-Driven Decisions 

 If your love language is Data-Driven Decisions, then you appreciate it when you have data to back up the calls that you make. There is a lot that a BIM Manager needs to know in order to make decisions, and this knowledge often comes only with experience. However, if you can see what’s happening with the data to back up your intuition, then you can make decisions with confidence and get the buy-in to boot.   

Our tip for you: We recommend using a BIM management platform that provides you with data on how your projects are performing. For example, UNIFI provides users with model health scores, Revit version checks, and content audits.

Chaos-Free Collaboration 

If your love language is Chaos-Free Collaboration, then you value collaborating with others, especially when it happens without the headaches. As a pro collaborator, you know that bringing people together can create meaningful work–but you also understand that sometimes collaboration can come with its difficulties.  

Our tip for you: Seek out resources that simplify the collaboration process. For example, you could utilize UNIFI’s shared libraries and user permissions to limit access to content. We also have a fantastic guide that shows you the different ways that you could share content with both UNIFI users and non-UNIFI users.


So, which one are you? We’d love to hear! Comment below with your BIM Management Love Language.

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