January 2021

Rhino to Revit

Rhino to Revit If you’re not familiar, Rhino 3D is a free-form surface modeler which uses the NURBS mathematical model to generate geometry. This makes Rhino one of the

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Rehau on Connect

REHAU is a family-owned, premium worldwide brand for polymer-based innovations and systems in the AEC industry. With in-depth knowledge of materials and extensive experience in

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How is BIM Content Managed?

As BIM content management continues its upward trajectory there are many things to consider when implementing a system. You may find yourself asking questions such

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What is BIM Content?

The design and construction of buildings has been around as long as recorded history. As technology has evolved, so has the sophistication of buildings. In

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Revit Rendering

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Revit 2021

Revit 2021 has arrived and there are an abundance of new features and updates that are sure to make everyone happy! Here are a few of our

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The Future of AEC Firms

It’s been over a month since COVID-19 transformed the world around us. To help AEC firms quickly adapt, we released tips for working from home, shared how AEC Firms tvsdesign and Steinberg Hart

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