The Big 2023 BIM Trends Reveal: Webinar Recap

The Big 2023 BIM Trends Reveal: Webinar Recap

With UNIFI Labs being the industry leader for their content management platform and their marketing content and webinars, it was no surprise that when they posted their annual survey, they got over 200 responses—giving UNIFI the data they need to improve their product and knowledge and to educate the industry. 

On February 23rd, UNIFI had its most recent webinar, “The Big 2023 BIM Trends Reveal,” with its marketing team hosting it. The webinar revealed the 2023 BIM Trends survey results and announced the giveaway winner that went along with the survey. 

During the webinar, the following survey questions with results were discussed: 

Which technologies benefited your organization the most throughout 2022? 

In terms of BIM/VDC, what improvements does your organization need to make? 

Rank the following challenges in adopting new technology for your team. 

Which technologies are your organization focused on implementing for 2023? 


Webinar attendees walked away with new knowledge about the industry and trends already happening in 2023. We want to thank all who attended and helped make it a success! If you missed out, you could access the recording by or download our exclusive e-book with the survey results by filling out the form below:

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