Women in BIM: Meet Megan Brooks

Although the number of women in the AECO industry is significantly lower than that of men (over 1 million women vs over 10 million men*), there is still no question that the industry benefits from the contribution of women. Women bring a valuable diversity of insight when they join AECO teams, and diversity is a […]

The Big 2023 BIM Trends Reveal: Webinar Recap

With UNIFI Labs being the industry leader for their content management platform and their marketing content and webinars, it was no surprise that when they posted their annual survey, they got over 200 responses—giving UNIFI the data they need to improve their product and knowledge and to educate the industry.  On February 23rd, UNIFI had […]

The 5 BIM Management Love Languages (Plus Tips to Optimize Them)

You’ve likely heard of the standard 5 Love Languages (Quality Time, Gifts, Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, and Physical Touch), but have you heard of the 5 Love Languages of BIM Managers?   Yep, it’s a thing. At least it is as of today.   Check out the 5 Love Language of BIM Managers below. We’d love to […]

BIM Content Management Mishaps and How to Avoid Them

Improperly managed BIM projects can often feel like a house booby trapped by Kevin McCallister. You might recall the Home Alone burglars were faced with burning doorknobs, paint can pendulums, slippery stairs, and (the one that makes me cringe) a blowtorch to the head.   Sure, they deserved it, but you don’t.  You might find yourself in a project with a problem at […]

7 Mistakes BIM Managers Should Avoid When Collaborating on a Project

“Many hands make light work.” Or do they? Most of the time, sure, that is likely the case. But when it comes to a BIM project, BIM managers could make mistakes that turn that collaboration to chaos. In this article, we are sharing seven major mistakes you could make when collaborating on a project. But […]