A Better Way to Share Your BIM Content with Other Firms

Sharing is complicated. Ask my 4-year-old. Sharing BIM content can seem even more complicated.  

When working with other firms, the amount of control and access you want them to have over your BIM content can vary significantly.  

For some, you might feel comfortable passing over the reins.  

For others, you may want greater control over what others can add, update, or even delete. 

In this article, we show you how UNIFI makes it easy to share with other firms while still feeling in control of your content.  

Adding Users to Your UNIFI Account 

One way to share UNIFI content with other firms is by adding their users to your list of users. You would then be able to grant or limit their access by adjusting their permissions in UNIFI.   

This gives users access to UNIFI’s many features such as content requests, library permissions, and the pending/approval process for uploaded content. 

With this option, content must be approved before it can be added, thus giving you greater control over what gets added to your libraries. 

Sharing a UNIFI Library with Another UNIFI Customer 

If the firm that you are working with is also a UNIFI customer, then you could share your UNIFI library with them 

The companies that you share with also become Admins of the library you share. This means that they can further manage who has access on their side as well as manage content requests and uploads.  

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You may also use the “Protect Library” feature to make this library only editable by each of your Company Admins. 

This can be a great option when acquiring another firm and its content because you can see the library as separate in the shared libraries section and still manage content from both sides. 

Share Content Using Private Channels 

If the firm that you are working with is a UNIFI customer, but you do not feel comfortable with sharing a library with them, then you could also create a private channel that includes your content. 

Private channels give users access to your content as only a consumer of the content, with no ability to make changes to your library. 

This might be ideal if your firm is going to control and administer all the content. For example, this can be useful for owners who work with the same content across multiple projects with multiple architects.

Sharing Content Using Public Channels

You could also share your content by creating a public channel. Content in this channel is accessible to all UNIFI users who subscribe to it. Many of our partners utilize this feature to allow them to share manufacturers’ content.

Just like it is with users of private channels, users of public channels can only be consumers of the content and cannot make changes to your library.


At UNIFI, we get that your sharing needs may vary based on the project, firm you are working with, and more. UNIFI can spare you the headaches and make it easy for you to control who has access to what.

Ready to start sharing better with others? Click here to get started and book your live demo today. 

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