Release Notes

V2.0 Release Notes + Unifi Analytics portal release

We are very happy to announce the release of Unifi v2.0 and the announcement of the new Unifi Analytics portal to public BETA!! This release also includes an industry first – Company to Company Library Sharing! Collaborate around your BIM projects in a new way, with content, providing a more data consistent design for your clients. This is a very exciting release for us and our customers as we further expand the value of the Unifi platform.


Release Highlights:

  • Unifi Analytics Portal BETA
    • Unifi in the web, its a intriguing idea… thats what we heard from our customers over the past year so thats what we did! Currently available to Company Admins only with plans to extend to all user types, the Unifi portal is where admins can visualize Unifi usage data from their entire global design force! Analytics, batch tag/library utilities, user management, reports & several other admin focused tools will be available during this Beta release.
    • FEEDBACK – Please provide your ideas to make this product better in our ideas app here:
    • ACCESS – All Company Admins may access the web app here:

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 12.39.08 PM

  • Company to Company Library Sharing
    • How do we collaborate around design? Can we make it easier to share design assets between firms so our clients receive design and data consistency from project to project? As a building owner how can I easily share a single federated library of design content to my design partners across the globe? These are the questions our customers were asking and Unifi Company to Company Library Sharing is answer we created to help make our industry more collaborative around content!
    • All Unifi customers may “Share” a library with another Unifi customer for collaboration around projects. Full read/write access is currently available with more access permission rights to come soon. So what are you waiting for, start collaborating easier and provide more consistent designs to your clients!
    • All sharing must be initiated from the Unifi portal.
    • Both the sharing company & the recipient company bust be Unifi customers to take advantage of this feature.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 12.41.40 PM

  • Unifi 2.0
    • Several enhancements have been made to the Unifi desktop client including a replacement to the Alerts screen which has been redesigned as Notifications. Library sharing is now fully integrated and live! Full release notes below.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 12.43.15 PM


Unifi 2.0 New Features:

  • Industry acronyms now use the “OR” operator when being searched
  • Unifi Search > Filter > Category – You can now type a letter and the Family Category list will jump to location in the list. Your mouse scroll wheel will finally get some rest from scrolling through the large list of categories.
  • The Alerts screen has been redesigned and renamed to “Notifications”.
    • A new design with sortable and filterable column headers makes it easier then ever to sort through hundreds of content uploads or requests.
  • File Download – You can now multi-select elements from either the browse or search results view, Right Click > Download. A new dialog will present several options for downloading your RFA’s from the Unifi cloud.
    • Currently only RFA’s are available for download with more element types coming in the future.
    • You can download a single file at a time, or in batch!
  • Unifi now automatically starts with Revit. This has been a highly requested feature for firms who have rolled out Unifi and would like to increase awareness of Unifi across the firm.
    • Please note that Unifi will NOT pull a license from the company pool until a user logs into their account.
  • Single Sign On Enhancement
    • SSO customers will now experience a more seamless integration with Unifi. A new “Authenticate with Identity provider” button is available on the Unifi Login Screen which will allow the user to simply type in their email address. Unifi will then open a we browser based on the SSO choice the company has connected to Unifi’s API. The browser will take over from there allowing the user to login once and the token will be stored for all future Unifi starts until the SSO provider expires the toke. This will now make Unifi automatically log the user in as it starts without any user input of login information resulting in a happier workplace 🙂
  • Login Screen – Email form now has validation to ensure proper email format is entered.
  • Shared Libraries
    • Search – Library selector will now show both Company Libraries AND Shared Libraries.
    • Library Management – Shared Libraries will now display if available
    • Browse – Shared Libraries will now display if available. The library name will be shown with the company name who shared it in brackets; ie. “Furniture Library (ACME company)”. There will also be a shared icon on the tile for quick visual identification that the library is shared with your company.
    • Content Request – Shared Libraries will now display if available
  • Support > Request a Feature – Now takes user directly to the Unifi ideas website
  • Upload Page – Revised design with added selection of Company & Library to distinguish between shared libraries if they exist.
  • Unifi Installer – various updates have been made to the installer and the updater to allow for a better overall user experience.

Exterminated Bugs:

  • Fixed an issue with slow or laggy experience opening the User Management screen when a company has 1000+ users. (Thanks Fergus!!)
  • Fixed an issue in search when the Search Favorites icon does not change when Favorites filter is toggled
  • Resolved an issue when Deleting a library and choosing to Move the content to another library the files were not being moved, rather stuck in purgatory…
  • Adding a tag to content where the tag already exists now triggers a new tag alert to the user
  • Resolved a bug where some users could not be removed from the “Automatic User Group”, this was less than optimal
  • Resolved a bug where file names were being truncated at a period “.” on a revision. This was bad “um kaaay”
  • Fixed some stability issues with Type Catalog files that would not parse due to white space or break lines in our cloud parsing engine.
  • Fixed a bug where Admins could not cancel their content requests, only Reject them which was just silly.
  • Fixed some UI consistency issues app wide, screen widths, text wrapping etc.
  • Fixed a bug where underscores “_” where not being shown in Browse – Small view mode


We truly hope you enjoy this release. Thank you to all our great customers who share our vision of organizing, analyzing, and distributing the worlds BIM content!!

The Unifi team is ready for the holidays! Its been an amazing year of collaborating with our customers to identify how we can provide their design firms value and enhance their BIM processes. So many of our customers are doing some really amazing things with technology to assist them with designing & constructing incredible buildings all around the globe. The Unifi team is honored to be a part of a industry that is full of passionate design technologists and practitioners!


Happy Holidays to you and yours,


Release Notes

v1.8.1 Release Notes

We are very happy to announce the release of Unifi v1.8.1. Lots and lots of bugs have been squashed in this version in our continual effort to provide a stable enterprise level application!

Exterminated Bugs:

  • Fixed a bug where a URL in file details was being truncated when clicked on and would not send the user to the correct URL in the web browser. Whats the point of a web link if it doesn’t work?
  • Fixed several areas where Unifi displays date so that it will display in the correct format per your region of the globe. (dd/mm/yyyy & mm/dd/yyyy)
  • Fixed an issue when renaming a User Group would not save the new name correctly, and for this we apologize.
  • Fixed an issue where Library names that began with underscores, did not show the prefixed underscore in the library selector on the search page. (Thanks Jason R!)
  • Resolved a couple issues with the Type catalog window:
    • No longer will inserting from a Type Catalog will it overwrite all existing types and their values, this was not cool.
    • Once types have been inserted into a project, and you select the family again to insert more types, all existing types in the model are highlighted in the Type Catalog interface.
    • Some Type Catalogs were not being displayed correctly due to various delimiters that can be used, whether a semicolon or comma is used, both are now displaying as expected.
  • “Star Rating Ascending” sort option was not displaying 0 (non-rated) content up top. This has been fixed.
  • During a content request, if an Admin dragged and dropped content into the screen to upload it, then canceled the request, that content was still uploaded to Unifi and available in search/browse. We have stopped this madness.
  • Fixed a bug where clicking on a tag from the File Details page was not firing off a new search.
  • Fixed an issue when a Admin is reviewing a batch file upload, and clicks the back button, the page is reset to the first page in a multi page review. It has been reported that this was making people throw things at their colleagues. In an effort to promote workplace safety this bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed a user to create two saved searches with the same name.
  • Fixed a bug where renaming a Saved Search Group would allow you to create another Saved Search Group with the same name.
  • Fixed a bug where when logged out of Unifi with the app still open, and a user attempts to Batch Export content from a open Revit project, Unifi gets angry and crashes.
  • Fixed a bug where in some cases if an Admin changes the libraries of a In Progress content request, the library changes would not stick.
  • Fixed a bug where entering “<3” in the search bar was returning all results not just favorites. This shortcut now shows you just the content you love.
  • Added labels to the Identity Provider text fields so you know what info goes where when editing.
  • Fixed a bug when an Admin would Delete a library and choose to “Move files to another library”, the files where not being moved and stuck in purgatory. We are all happier now that Unifi does what it says it will do.
  • The Live Chat support has been removed from this release. We are planning to replace it with a more scalable solution, but for now it is now we feel its better to remove it than to have it not work consistently.

Have a new idea you would like to see added to Unifi? A new Ideas portal is now live and open to all customers! Your ideas matter, login and start submitting your ideas directly to the Unifi team today. You can vote on other peoples ideas and let the Unifi team know what YOU want us to build next!

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 3.39.18 PM

We truly hope you enjoy this release. Thank you to all our great customers who share our vision of organizing, analyzing, and distributing the worlds BIM data!!

The Unifi team is already working on Unifi 2.0 which is being released at Autodesk University Dec 2nd-4th!! If you are attending AU be sure to swing by our booth and try out the new Unifi yourself at our demo center!


Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Release Notes

v1.8 Release Notes

We are very happy to announce the release of Unifi v1.8. Highlighted in this release is the beginning of our graphic styling project including new colors, logo, and several UI/UX enhancements to make your experience using Unifi more enjoyable and streamline your efficiency!

A new Ideas portal is now live and open to all customers! Your ideas matter, login and start submitting your ideas directly to the Unifi team today. You can vote on other peoples ideas and let the Unifi team know what YOU want us to build next! To top it off a brand new Unfii website has been launched, check it out!

New Login Screen

New Unifi Login Screen

New Features:

  • New logos, color palette, and branding graphics have been updated across the Unifi application.
  • New Unifi Ideas Portal has been launched! Start submitting your ideas today – 
  • New DiscoverUnifi website is up and live, check it out here–>
  • Admins can now edit the Library of a Content Request! (Thanks Fergus!)
  • Type Catalogs now display sorted exactly the same way as Revit does. Previously it was sorted per type name by default. (Thanks Ryan!)
  • New User Information button added to the top header bar of Unifi. This will show the currently logged in user and allow them to logout. More features will be added to this button very soon!
  • Dates displayed across the Unifi application have been set to the users local date/time format. (Localization of Data/Time)
  • Added several stability enhancements

Exterminated Bugs:

  • Fixed the Unifi installer to now show the current Unifi version in the Windows Add/Remove programs dialog. Previously it was stuck on v1.6..for some silly reason.
  • Fixed an issue where if a library was removed from an existing saved search the user or admin was never alerted of this. If this scenario happens Unifi will now display a human readable error message.
  • If a user was once part of a User group then removed, they would still have access to that User Groups permissions. We have fixed this so Unifi Admins across the world can now stop pulling their hair out.
  • Fixed an issue where in some cases newly uploaded content would not immediately be shown in searches and browsing.
  • Fixed an issue where some content requests where not showing up for Company Admins. This annoying behavior has been resolved.
  • Fixed an edge case of company saved searches not appearing once all libraries in a company were deleted. This would never happen in reality, but hey we fixed it anyway.
  • Fixed an issue where the sorting options for a saved search were not working. Whats the point of sorting if it doesn’t work?


We truly hope you enjoy this release. Thank you to all our great customers who share our vision of organizing, analyzing, and distributing the worlds BIM data!!

The Unifi team is already working on the next release. We will not sleep, sleep is for the weak…and that is making us walk around the office like…the undead.


Enjoy your Halloween!!



Release Notes


Updated: released 10/7/15 (bug fixes below)

We are very happy to announce the release of Unifi v1.7. Highlighted in this release is the rollout of new cloud infrastructure across the Amazon AWS backbone including a completely new search engine! This new search engine project (codenamed Dewey) is all about enhancing the user experience with faster browse and searching speeds on a global scale. The Unifi team has invested heavily into a new search engine technology which is extremely scalable and reliable, two major factors we take very seriously for the Unifi product. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with an enjoyable experience when finding content for use in Revit projects!

Library Browsing v1.7

Library Browsing v1.7 now shows total amount of categories available

What does this mean for your designers?

  • Our internal metrics show that current Unifi search times average 2 – 8 seconds globally depending on the size and complexity of the search. The new search engine testing metrics show global search times that average .5 seconds regardless of the size or complexity of the search.
  • A new “Search information bar” has been added to the top of the search and browse screens which displays how many results are being returned. This bar will also tell the user if any content is being hidden due to a incompatible Revit year among several other informative notes. You will notice the information bar also appears while browsing letting you know how many libraries or family categories are being displayed in the UI.
  • The new enhanced search engine now shows reduced results the more words you add to the search bar making it easier than ever to quickly refine your search to exactly the type of content you are searching for.
    This is something the majority of our users have been asking for so you got it! Your searching will be even more intuitive then ever with the intent on getting you to the right piece of content faster than ever.
Screw Chillers search example v1.7

Screw Chillers search example v1.7

New Features:

  • New Amazon cloud servers added to global cluster making international search times quicker (More improvements in this area are coming soon!)
  • New Elastic search engine added (More improvements in this area are coming soon!…can you say integrated parameter searching!)
  • Hidden results will now be displayed in the Search Information bar, users can click a link to see all incompatible Revit families
  • URLs in Family parameters will now be hyperlinks within the Unifi File Details page. (thanks Ji-Yong)
  • Library Admins can no longer delete libraries (thanks Fergus)
  • Changed the way the Favorite icon works. The favorite (heart) icon will now toggle your favorites filter to quickly see only the items you have favorited in the current results screen.
  • Any incompatible (future Revit version) families are now displayed greyed out and are unable to be inserted by the user.
  • Added several stability enhancements

Exterminated Bugs:

  • Resolved a bug where certain files could not be uploaded do to inaccurate file header data within the RFA file
  • Fixed some wonky text that would display in some system family names
  • Fixed a bug in the content request screen where when the ‘Specific Standards’ option is selected, but no text is entered into the textbox Unifi would get angry (thanks Fergus)
  • Resolved a bug where in some cases opening a PDF from a content request would crash Unifi
  • Resolved a bug where certain formatted type catalogs would not insert correctly (thanks Blake)
  • Fixed some labels in the Content request screen that were confusing
  • Fixed a bug where some file details would appear blank if not parsed yet in the Unifi cloud. If a family is still being parsed on the cloud you will now see a “In Progress” message indicating that the cloud is still busy herding the kittens (thanks Jason)
  • Fixed a bug with rolling back a file to a previous revision
  • Fixed a bug where when a pending file was deleted, it would still show in the Batch Upload Review screen
  • Resolved a timeout issue when if a User does not use Unifi for 30 minutes Unifi would release the licenses and the app would not log the user out. (thanks Blake)
  • Resolved a bug where certain fill pattern parameters values where not being displayed correctly in the file details page

Known Bugs: We will be working quickly to resolve these known issues in v1.7. 

  • Queuing large batches of files for upload (2500+) is taking several minutes as the files are checked on the servers to see if they already exist first. We fully intend to make this wicked fast, but right now its not.
  • Sorting by Star Rating is not working properly in the filter dialog. Fixed v1.7.0.1
  • The “TC” icon shown overtop of the preview image, when in the file details page, is not aligned properly. Fixed v8
  • The “TC” icon is not shown in the search results view, both in Grid mode or Row mode Fixed v1.7.0.1
  • New user activation emails may take up to 24 hours for the recipient to receive it. We are working with our 3rd party mail system to get this back to instantly send upon user creation. Fixed v8
  • If an Admin rolls back to a previous revision of a file, the parameter values do not update in the File Details page to show the current versions parameter data values.
  • On very large searches, while results are still loading and the user opens up a file details page, the information can take up to 10-15 seconds to populate. This is not acceptable to the instant gratification generation and will be fixed. Fixed v1.7.0.1 instant gratification achieved!
  • The “delete” button on a new saved search has been changed to “Cancel”, you can’t delete something that doesn’t exist. Fixed v1.7.0.2
  • Newly uploaded content may be shown as a revision to previously deleted content with the same name. This is a case of content identity theft, and has been resolved. Fixed v1.7.0.2
  • Automatically adding users to user groups was not working in some cases. Fixed v1.7.0.2
  • File underscores are not being removed from the content display name causing problems with finding the content while searching. (Thanks Ryan!) Fixed v1.7.0.2
  • Uploaded and approved content was sometimes not available in the search engine. Fixed v1.7.0.2

We truly hope you enjoy this release. Thank you to all our great customers who share our vision of organizing, analyzing, and distributing the worlds BIM data!!

The Unifi team is already working on the next 1.8 release which will include new highly requested workflow features! Stay tuned for more update news soon!



Release Notes


Hot on the tails of our V1.6 release comes this smaller release.  If you haven’t noticed, we like releasing smaller features and fixes on the tails of larger releases.  Sometimes we just can’t help but sneak in some features in that have been highly requested. Some of these shouldn’t be held up by the rigamarole of larger releases. Here’s what’s new:

New Added Features/Enhancements:

  • Search Results in ‘Row’ mode now show more results due to a more condensed layout.
  • Tags can now be applied to multiple selected items in a single operation. Right click on your selection, choose ‘Add a tag’.

Exterminated Bugs:

  • Attaching a folder to a content request no longer crashes the Unifi client.
  • Inconsistent behavior with the tag auto-complete menu has been resolved.
  • ‘Capture Image’ from the details page of an element wasn’t showing the updated capture until the page was refreshed.  This has been fixed.
  • Batch Export Dialogue (Revit Add-In):  Inconsistent behavior with the quick filter form was reported. This now works as expected.

We thank you for your continued support and feedback.  More exciting things coming up!

Release Notes

v1.6 Release Notes

We are very happy to announce the release of Unifi v1.6. Highlighted in this release is the compatibility for Autodesk Revit 2016! A 2016 version of all your content is now readily available in the Unifi cloud. If your teams are inserting content into a Revit 2016 project, Unifi will automatically download and insert the 2016 version of that content.


New Added Features:

  • Added the Revit 2016 addin.
  • Added Revit 2016 option to the upload screen.
  • Added the Revit 2016 option to the content request version selection.


Exterminated Bugs:

  • Resolved a bug where if a library name included a comma, the library alerts would not function properly.
  • Resolved a bug where if a library name included a space at the end of the name, the library alerts would not function properly.
  • Fixed a bug where if a Library Admin fulfills a content request, with a unique file to the company, the file details page would show a “communication error.”
  • Library Management – Fixed a bug where the name of the group would display “New Group” until the screen fully loaded.

We hope you enjoy this release! We are already hard at work working on the next version of Unifi. Thank you to all our great customers who continue to collaborate with us to make Unifi a great platform!

Release Notes

v1.5.3.2 has been released!

We spent a lot of time on this release, more than usual for a minor release. We wanted to clear the plate of all known bugs prior to releasing some really big upcoming features. You will notice some subtle changes in the User Interface of some screens within Unifi like the File Details page. These small subtle design changes are part of a larger project to completely streamline the entire user interface in Unifi. Bits and pieces of this initiative will be released incrementally.

We hope you enjoy this release! Please leave us feedback in the comments below.

Unifi v1.5.3.2 | Release date 5/29/2015

New Features

  • Date/Time Localization – More work was done to display dates and times in local region formats. Where times are shown the column label will now display “(UTC)” for clarity.
  • Added a Edit button to Users Admin and Library Admin screens
  • Added an “Updated” date column to the search results details view. You can now sort by data modified by selecting this column header to sort.
  • Search Engine modification – When more than one meta tag is used in the search, the engine will now use the AND operator instead of the OR.
    • For Example – a search of “[wall hung] [toilets]” will return all content that has BOTH tags applied.
  • Library & User Management – A loading bar has been added in both views during operations for a better user experience
  • File Details Page updated UI
    • New header with edit button
    • Delete Button has been removed
    • Revision has been renamed to “Active Revision”
    •  Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 10.12.37 AM
  • File Details Page – new Library Management tab (Admins Only)
    • This new tab will be visible to Company & Library admins only.
    • You can now move a piece of content from one library to another.
    • If all libraries are deselected (and the admin has rights to all libraries) the content will be deleted.
    • Only the libraries the user has access to will be displayed.
    • Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 10.21.22 AM

Exterminated Bugs

  • Disabled the user from searching with an empty search term
  • Saved Search Edit Screen – Removed the meta tag hover state that indicates “Search this tag” as it is not intended to search from this screen.
  • Upload Screen – While Unifi is in collapse mode and you tried to drag and drop files to upload, Unifi would not auto expand. Unifi will now automatically expand to allow users to drag and drop files while in collapse mode.
  • Batch Exporting Views – When batch exporting views from certain work shared enabled projects, a Revit work share dialog would popup for every view causing the export to not progress. This dialog has been suppressed to resolve this issue.
  • User Detail Screen – Fixed a bug that would cause Unifi to crash in some cases when the user would try to log out of Unifi from this particular screen.
  • Content Request Screen (Admin) – Fixed a bug that was not allowing tags to be added or removed after a file was uploaded to an “In Progress” content request. Tags must now be added prior to uploading a file.
  • Content Results Screen – Fixed a bug when in detail view when you would rapidly click the column headers an error message would incorrectly appear stating that Unifi failed to insert the file.
  • Browse – Fixed a bug where in some cases double categories were being displayed.
  • Content Results – Fixed a bug where in some cases when content was removed from a library the content would still show up in a search. This was due to a cached search result and all caches are now cleared when changes are made to a library.

I wanted to give a shoutout to a couple of great customers who have been awesome at submitting bugs and working with our support teams to hunt down issues for this release.

Helen, Fergus, Ryan, & Luke

A BIG thank you! 

v1.6 is already in our QA department and includes Revit 2016 integration / support for Unifi! All of your existing content has already been updated to 2016. As soon as v1.6 is released your entire catalog will have 2016 version of families, details, and systems ready to be used on projects. Check back soon for more news on the upcoming v1.6 release!