Release Notes: UNIFI Core Version 3.2.1 & UNIFI Web Portal Version 2.9.0

Hey UNIFI Customers,

We’re pleased to announce our latest software update was released on March 18, 2019. CORE 3.2.1 updates include content upload email notifications, improved materials and fill patterns support, and several bug fixes.  Portal 2.9.0 includes the frequently requested API access! Please read below for further details.

CORE 3.2.1 Highlights

1. Content Upload Email Notifications:


– Library Admins will now receive email notifications when a content upload request is created

– Users who submit upload requests will receive email notifications when the requests are approved or rejected

– Email notification templates for new content requests have been updated


One of the top requested features on our customer idea portal is content upload email notifications. You asked, and we delivered; library Admins will now receive email notifications when users upload files that require approval. The user who uploaded will also receive email notifications when the upload request has been either approved or rejected. The days of manually notifying admins for upload requests are behind us. 

2. Materials and Fill Patterns Support


– Material assets are now extracted locally to enable rendering by users who don’t have access to the file path referenced by the material

– Materials and Fill Patterns can now be transferred using Harvest Project Elements


It’s no longer necessary for users to have access to the file path stored in the material in order to render materials inserted from UNIFI Core. Material assets are now extracted locally if the user does not have access to the file paths referenced by the material.

3. Bug Fixes

Our goal is to keep you happy and confident in our product! We’ve fixed the following bugs: 

– In password reset emails, the link now displays properly

– Files uploaded as part of a content request in the web portal now appear properly in the selected libraries

– Revit material class is now stored for each base file version

– Fields such as tags, family type names, and family categories with non-alphanumeric text are now searchable

– Exported fill patterns will no longer include materials from the project they were exported from

– In content request emails, the company name now displays properly

– Email notifications that indicate a new content request has been created will now be sent to selected notification groups

– When searching in the batch export interface, selecting a category level checkbox now only selects the filtered items for that category

– When inserting a Revit schedule that already exists in a project, column headers are preserved

– Revit 2015 no longer steals focus when Revit and UNIFI are on the same screen

– Content uploaded to a shared library from an external company is now added to the repository of the shared library owner

– Added German keyboard support for ß symbol

– When adding user access to libraries, the user list stays visible

– Knowledge Center link points to the correct URL

– Email notifications are now sent when a content request is completed

– Materials with quotes in the name now parse properly

– Revit content with mixed non-alphanumeric characters and spaces now insert properly

– Fixed an issue where users could not login if the settings folder became hidden

– Revit families with a type catalog can now be copied to a library using the ‘copy to library’ function

– Fixed an issue where some content requests were not visible on the notifications page

– Dates in content requests now display the correct local date and time

– The batch insert dialog now displays the exact file name

– After viewing file details from the search page, selecting the back button now preserves the entered search term

– The default “solid fill” fill pattern can no longer be exported to UNIFI

– Filled regions now appear in the proper category after parsing is complete

– Files are no longer orphaned after being removed from all libraries

– Reviewing file details for uploaded content requiring approval will now display the new revision details rather than the active revision details

– Renaming a Revit family that contains no manually created types will also rename the default family type

– The base file chart now updates when content is uploaded to a shared library

– Harvest Project Contents will no longer load preview images by default

– Subscriptions to channels that are removed from UNIFI Connect are now unsubscribed

– Fixed an issue where inserting some model groups would crash Revit

– Revit families uploaded to UNIFI while still open in the family editor no longer appear under a blank category

Ready to take advantage of these new features? Click here for instructions on updating UNIFI Core. 

Portal 2.9.0

1. Project Analytics


– API access now available!

– Added date controls to the Sync Times module on the company overview page

– Added a module that displays usage for the current month


We’re thrilled to announce you can now access our Project Analytics API to programmatically setup projects, assign models to projects, and request raw Revit data for a specified commit/sync. This is a game changer for enterprise customers who no longer need to engage in the time consuming process of manually setting up each project in our web interface.

API documentation is available at

2. Materials and Fill Patterns

– File details for materials and fill patterns now display in the web portal when reviewing content requests

3. Notifications Page

– Any sorting and/or filters applied to the content request tables will be maintained after reviewing content and then navigating back to the notifications page

4. Bug Fixes

– The content request notifications table now displays the due date and requested date

– Content request attachments can now be downloaded

– Added description text to the manage subscriptions button in the subscription center

– When viewing library details, the share and protected checkboxes are no longer selectable and only report the proper state

– Changes made to project design phase and status values now save

– The forgot password page now displays properly

– Clicking the model delete button in project analytics now removes the model from the project

– The search result count in portal now matches the desktop application

– The export to excel button for the event stream now properly exports the file


Thanks for being a valued UNIFI customer and we hope you find the updates and fixes on this release useful.

Your feedback is very important to us and we’re always looking for ways to improve. If you have suggestions for future updates or changes, please click here to learn how to submit your recommendations directly in the UNIFI platform.

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