3.1.5 Release Notes

Hey UNIFI Customers,

Our latest software update was released on October 8, 2018. We fixed multiple bugs and resolved several issues including the following:

-Fixed an issue where the “overwrite family” dialog and options were not functioning properly.

-Fixed an issue where adding a large number of files to upload would take a long time to populate the upload page.

-Fixed an issue in Batch Export where selecting 3D families would not be included in the total selected count and the Export button would remain unavailable.

-Fixed an issue where changes to a library would not be applied after saving.

-Fixed an issue where batch exporting some drafting views would fail.

-Fixed an issue where uploading a file and an image with the same name through a content request would not apply that image as the preview for the file.

-Fixed an issue where the incorrect number of base files was displayed.

-Fixed an issue where Library Admins would approve or reject a batch upload request and the changes would not be applied.

-Fixed an issue with Harvest Project where selecting a source file using “Open Project File” would open the project in Revit rather than only making the elements within that project available for harvest.

-Improved the image quality of preview images in Harvest Project.

-Fixed an issue where inserting content would not allow the user to rotate the family using the space bar until the Windows focus was on Revit.

-Fixed an issue where uninstalling or updating UNIFI 3.1.2 would not remove the UNIFI.bundle folder and therefore wouldn’t be updated by the next version of UNIFI.

-Fixed an issue in Project Analytics where the Model Path does not display for Revit Links.

-Fixed an issue where, if the user is not logged into UNIFI, using the Request Feature button would crash UNIFI.

-Fixed an issue with drafting views getting renamed during insertion.

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