We’re excited to announce that our next software update is now live! In a nutshell, our Pro 3.7 and Portal 2.14 release includes:

•Automatically generated preview images

•Project Analytics data collection settings

•Several bug fixes and much more!

Want the full scoop? Please keep reading and note that in order to access these enhancements, you will need to update UNIFI. 

Please also note that as of our 3.7 release, we no longer support versions 3.4 and earlier.


•Automatically Generated Preview Images

The days of spending hours on end configuring specific views and/or capturing images manually to obtain beautiful Revit family preview images are in the past! We’re pleased to introduce automatically generated preview images.

Now, admins can simply navigate to the UNIFI Web Portal, configure settings with a few clicks, and beautiful Revit preview images will be automatically created.

Company Admins can now configure what data types are collected when users sync models associated with Project Analytics.  We’ve also provided a setting that allows Company Admins to control whether a progress bar is displayed during the data collection process.

These options can be found on the “Settings” tab at both the Company and Project levels within Project Analytics.

•Search Updates

We have made some updates to our search capabilities, including: 

•Updating the “Details” search result display

•Adding the “Request Update” option to the right-click menu in search results

•The default selection of all search sources upon logging in (unless connected to a model with pinned sources selected)

•The ability to leave the search input field blank when performing a search for all files within selected search sources.

These enhancements are just the tip of the iceberg for the many exciting search developments we have in the works and will be available to you in a future release!

Performance and stability enhancements  across the board

•Mixed alphanumeric search terms are now treated as a single search term rather than broken into separate search terms 

•The desktop app no longer crashes when deleting an object in “Details” view mode 

•Content within Autodesk subscription channels now properly load Family Types  

•Fixed an issue where some RVT files with worksharing enabled were unable to open from UNIFI  

•Libraries can now be deleted even if users, admins, and/or groups are associated with it  

•Fixed an issue where CAD Links and Revit Links were unintentionally appearing in Harvest Project Elements  

•Fixed an issue where files could not be downloaded from the Notifications page in the UNIFI Web Portal 

•Fixed an issue with adding tags using the Batch Editor in the UNIFI Web Portal 

•Revit materials inserted from UNIFI now populate the Asset folder properly upon launch of Revit model 

•Fixed an issue where the UNIFI identity provider would disappear from the list when navigating to the user import screen for the second time 

•Fixed an issue where UNIFI would always be selected as the default identity provider when navigating to the import user screen, even when another identity provider was set as the default 

•Fixed an issue when assigning library permissions where the add/remove buttons didn’t work the first time they were clicked after filtering the list of users 

•CTRL + A can now be used in “Details” search result display mode 

•Fixed an issue where the preview image hover zoom for Revit sheets and drafting views would appear blank in “Grid” search result display mode 

•Fixed an issue where some health indicator and warning data was not displaying properly in the Project Analytics dashboards 

•Revision schedules are no longer listed as Schedules in Project Analytics 

•Revit Version Check now sorts properly by model name  

•Fixed an issue where filtering content requests by due day did not provide matching results 

•Fixed an issue where tags added as part of a content request would display multiple times after navigating to/from the content request page 

•Fixed an issue where only the first tag would apply when completing a content request 

•Fixed an issue where files attached to content requests could not be downloaded 

•Fixed an issue when editing libraries within content requests in the UNIFI Web Portal  

•Fixed an issue with the Search API endpoint where users were receiving 502 or 504 errors for large responses instead of receiving a link to download the results 


Thank you for being a valued UNIFI customer and taking the time to get the details on our 3.7 Pro and 3.14 Portal release. We hope you find the updates and fixes in this release useful.

While we have you, we want to remind you that you have dozens of step-by-step videos and articles that walk you through every detail of our platform, including how to take advantage of our latest released features in our Knowledge Center.

This is the perfect place to touch up your UNIFI skills, learn a new feature, or add a new user from your team to UNIFI.  If we can help your team adopt UNIFI or implement these recently released enhancements, please don’t hesitate to  reach out here for additional training.

As always, if there’s a feature or update you’re hoping for in a future release please don’t hesitate to let us know.

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