Hey UNIFI customers,

We’re excited to announce our latest software update is available now! Pro 3.3.0 updates include the ability to search Revit parameters, Autodesk 2020 support, a MicroStation add-in, and several bug fixes. As for Portal 2.9.1, you can now enjoy tag permissions and much more. Keep reading for the low down and don’t forget to update your platform to access these features now.

PRO 3.3.0 Highlights


•Added new functionality for copying text within the UNIFI desktop application, including file details and content requests.

•We’ve added new options to the right-click menu in search results, including marking files as “favorite” and copying the UNIFI URL for selected files.

•The filter icon now changes color when search filters have been applied and a button was also added to quickly clear all search filters.

•The search filters for Family Category, File Type, and Material Class are now enhanced with text search within the dropdowns.

•Within AutoCAD, we’ve moved the UNIFI buttons to a separate “UNIFI” tab.

•When a file fails to parse, we now display the error description on the file details page.

• Fields for “Requested By” and “Requested Date” now appear when reviewing content request details.

•The file category is now displayed on the file details page.

• Library Administrators can now be assigned by user group.


Revit parameters are now searchable in UNIFI*. Specify one or more parameter names and/or values to search and find exactly what you’re looking for.

UNIFI search now supports CamelCase naming conventions in all search fields.

You can now specify which fields you want to search! File Name, Family Type Name, Family Category, Tags, and Material Class can be selected in any combination, so your search term only applies where you want to search.


We now support Revit and AutoCad 2020!

With the addition of Revit 2020, we are removing support for Revit 2014. Revit families saved in Revit versions 2014 and older can still be uploaded to UNIFI and will automatically be upgraded to all supported Revit versions to be inserted into Revit projects.


UNIFI now integrates with MicroStation V8i SELECTSeries 4. You now have the ability to insert cells directly into MicroStation documents and export cells and documents to be stored in UNIFI.


There is now a single installer for all installation types. Admins can deploy the installer and set options via the command line. UNIFI Support will be providing documentation to all customers using the current Admin installer. We now provide options within the installer that allow users to select which add-ins they would like to install. With a standard install, UNIFI will automatically check for updates and only update the installed add-ins. When UNIFI is trying to update and the user has design applications open, the user will now have the option to close the design applications and proceed with the update or leave the design applications open and continue with the currently installed version of UNIFI.


The Content Management API Package will be launching in July, stay tuned!


Our goal is to keep you happy and confident in our product! We’ve fixed the following bugs:

•Fixed an issue where content upload notification emails would sometimes contain an empty list.

•Upload notification emails will no longer be sent when the upload is done by an admin and automatically approved.

•Categories that are initially completed at upload and then updated after the file parse is complete are now removed from the search filter dropdown.

•Revit materials updated to 2019 format can now be exported and stored in UNIFI.

•Unsaved Revit projects will now display the project name in the UNIFI active project dropdown rather than “No Open Project” or empty parentheses.

•UNIFI will now reconnect to all open sessions of Revit after the user logs out of UNIFI and logs back in.

•Drafting Views and Schedules now export properly from BIM360 projects and non-English Revit sessions.

•Revit materials that have been updated from multiple Revit versions will now display in browse based on the connected Revit version.

•AutoCAD dynamic blocks inserted from UNIFI no longer cause AutoCAD to crash.

•Fixed an issue where some AutoCAD elements were missing from the block when inserted from UNIFI.

Revit fill patterns now insert into non-English Revit sessions.

•Insert counts are now accurate in search results and file details.

Fixed an issue where Revit filled regions were not searchable after upload.

•Fixed an issue where rejecting  a batch of files uploaded by a standard user and then re-uploading the same files as an admin would make the files unsearchable.

2.9.1 Web Portal


•All users can now view the Notifications tab in portal and content request emails now contain a hyperlink to the request in portal.

•The file category is now displayed in file details when reviewing content requests.


We’ve updated tag permissions so that company admins now have the ability to control whether standard users can add or remove tags from UNIFI files. Admins will find a new settings tab in the UNIFI Web Portal to do this and if the setting is changed while users are logged into UNIFI, it will not take effect until those users logout of UNIFI and then log back in.


In preparation for our upcoming Content Management API package, we’re adding a section to the settings tab that will allow Company Admins to view API Keys that have been generated for their company.  Stay tuned for more details!


•Unsubscribing from channels now works properly.

•Insert counts are now accurate in file details when reviewing content requests.

Wrap up:

Thanks for being a valued UNIFI customer and taking the time to get the scoop on our latest update. We hope you find the updates and fixes in this release useful!

Please stay tuned for updates on our Content Management API, coming next month.Until then, please remember that your feedback is very important to us and we’re always looking for ways to improve our platform. If you have suggestions for future updates or changes, please click here to learn how to submit your recommendations directly in the UNIFI platform.

*By adding the Revit parameter search functionality, we’ve increased the amount of data that you are able to search across by approximately 100x. Due to this increase, some customers experienced difficulty viewing search results and updated data for a limited period of time.  We immediately took action and the search functionality is now working properly.  If any of your searches seem to be reflecting outdated information, we assure you that no data has been lost and our data engineering team is hard at work on getting the search index up to date with all the changes that have occurred since late in the week of 6/10/2019.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team if you have any questions or are experiencing any issues.