UNIFI’s BIM Trend Predications

BIM is the digital process that optimizes the life cycle of a project, from design and construction to operation and maintenance. Implementing BIM within your design can help shorten project times, improve cost management, and improve project safety. Building Information Modeling BIM has been a game-changer for the AEC industry since its introduction. BIM relies heavily on technology, and there are constantly changing trends every year with it (one that has not changed is UNIFI being the industry leader in BIM Content Management ūüėČ). With that being said, listed below are the top 4 BIM trends that have dominated the world:¬†¬†

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)  

AI is a valuable tool because it allows construction processes to become more streamlined by reducing the cost, time, and risk of the project lifecycle by exploring all available avenues and methods of a construction project. AI is similar to UNIFI’s platform as they both produce outstanding ROIs having to do with efficiency and cost reduction. 

2. Digital Twins 

According to IBM, “A digital twin is a virtual model designed to accurately reflect a physical object.” By using digital twin technology in construction projects, teams can massively cut costs and save time by running various processes on the virtual object. Just as digital twins save time, using UNIFI can save your designer an hour a day.¬†¬†

3. Cloud Technology

Incorporating cloud technology is beneficial because it enhances the overall productivity of the project team. Software like UNIFI’s cloud-based BIM Content Management Platform is a great go-to in the BIM world.¬†

4. Automation 

Automation is the process of using digital methods, applications, and robots to perform tasks with minimal human input. Not only is automation more cost-effective in construction, but it also reduces health and safety hazards. UNIFI’s platform uses automation to help users find content within seconds and give them project analytics to help detect model issues and correct  them before they cause major problems. 

Designers created UNIFI Labs for designers who understand how fast-paced and demanding the BIM Industry is. Therefore, their main objective with UNIFI is to help organizations with their BIM content management and accelerate project efficiency. Interested in seeing how UNIFI’s technologically advanced platform could help your organization stay ahead of the trends and excel in efficiency. Follow the link to start your free trial today. (link)¬†

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