Webinar Recap: The 3 Key Ingredients of A Productive BIM Strategy

UNIFI Labs, Ideate Software, and Eagle Point Software are best tools to leverage if you are in the AECO industry, So, it was a no-brainer to collaborate and create a joint webinar to display all their top-tier knowledge about BIM. More specifically, on how to create a productive BIM strategy.  

“The 3 Key Ingredients of a Productive BIM Strategy” webinar was hosted on October 19th at 11 am PT. It was a must-see for anyone in the AECO industry responsible for developing, updating, or contributing to BIM strategies. Each organization had its take on productive BIM strategies and how their software helps with efficiency and organization. The attendees gained this knowledge listed below from each organization.  

Ideate Software: Richard Taylor of Ideate Software went over a short demo of how to use their Revit add-ins to increase productivity and improve model quality by automating time-consuming and error-prone manual tasks. On the main display was their newly enhanced Automation health-check tool.  

UNIFI: UNIFI’s BIM expert, Karen Pierce, discussed how to use their leading BIM content management and analytics platform to save time by organizing, accessing, and managing BIM and digital building content—keeping the crowd highly entertained with multiple short demos of how to use UNIFI and the platforms top features.  

Eagle Point Software: Steve Biver from Eagle Point Software talked about increasing user buy-in of new software and the effective use of existing software, and most importantly, learning new things across one’s organization and an organization’s learning strategy. Specifically, the Pinnacle Series is a leader in eLearning, knowledge capture, and sharing.  


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