Back To The Basics: BIM Terminology, Acronyms, And Jargon Defined

UNIFI Labs, the industry leading BIM content management platform that saves designers 200 hours a year, has been hosting the most highly attended webinars in the AECO industry for years now, covering many different BIM industry topics. Ultimately, these webinars are aimed at educating and entertaining industry leaders around their BIM strategies.

We hosted our most recent webinar on March 9, “Back To Basics: Jargon, BIM Acronyms and Terms Defined”. Our inspiration behind this webinar was from a recent survey of leading BIM consultants where we learned that “BIM wash” or misalignment around BIM terminology was one of the greatest hurdles in BIM adoption and expansion among leading AECO’s today.

As a result and to help with this, we prepared this webinar focused on reviewing  BIM acronyms, jargon, and terminology while discussing real-life examples that demonstrated why having these terms mastered across your organization is foundational to taking full advantage of the benefits of BIM. UNIFI had their very own BIM expert, Karen Pierce CM-BIM, host the webinar where she discussed this plus showed off our “BIM Bible” e-book which defines all of the BIM terms your organization needs to get aligned and avoid “BIM wash”.

Those who joined the webinar came away with:

•Mastering the acronyms, Jargon, and terms associated with BIM

•Reviewing the resources available to stay in the know of ever-evolving industry terminology

•Tips on educating those who work outside the model on BIM terminology

•An understanding of real-life examples of how the alignment of BIM language empowered leading AECO organizations to gain velocity and enhance culture at their firms

Are you interested in avoiding “BIM wash” and increasing communication around BIM terminology at your organization? In the form below, you can access the recording of the webinar as well as get your free copy of our new BIM bible, which contains all the must-know BIM terminology.

You can download both assets by filling out the form below! Enjoy and congratulations on prioritizing improving your BIM terminology knowledge. You’re one step closer to enhancing  communication around all things BIM at your organization.

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