Irresistible BIM Standards: Webinar Recap

UNIFI Labs is not only the industry leader for their BIM digital content management platform but also for the number of attendees at each webinar they host.

UNIFI’s most recent webinar on November 16th covered globally known BIM standards, how they have advanced technologically throughout the years, and the most effective ways to implement them among organizations.

Adam Simmons (from UNIFI) and Mark Pritchard (from HOK), who both have over fifteen years of BIM experience, discussed the following topics related to BIM standards:

• Common Data Environment

• The ISO 19650 Workflow

• The Right Tools for Implementation of BIM

• How to Make Implementation of BIM Standards Easy

• How UNIFI Helps with BIM Standards

At the end of the webinar, UNIFI’s Product Manager, Karen Pierce, hosted a Q&A to address any questions the audience had during Adam and Marks’s presentation. Some of the questions asked were:

• “What’s a good source for company training videos?”

• “How to get leadership buy-in on new tools and software?”

• “How do you go about harder things such as training, implementing better standards, etc.?”


Webinar attendees walked away with a stronger understanding of BIM standards and how to effectively implement them with a team. We want to thank all who attended and helped make it a success!  If you missed out, you can access the recording by following the link. Irresistible BIM Standards – UNIFI (

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