Customer Feedback Policy

The UNIFI approach to product feedback…

The best way to build a great product is to listen to the wants and needs of your customers. 

We take your input seriously and use the information you provide us with to improve and develop our products and services.

Our solutions need to work for you, and the best way to ensure that is through your feedback.

Giving feedback is worth it…

The time you invest in providing feedback can result in a better solution to support time savings in your day-to-day for years to come.  

Providing input helps us design solutions to support your success, we’re here, tell us what you need.

How to send us your suggestions…

Both the UNIFI Add-In and Web Portal have been updated to provide you with a direct route to the suggestions form.

1) Suggestion Form Access from the UNIFI Add-in:  

Look for the ‘light bulb’ icon at the bottom of the left side navigation menu.

2) Suggestion Form Access from the Web Portal:

Look for the blue Suggest tab located to the right of the web page, 3/4 of the way down the page.

What happens to your product feedback…

Your suggestions migrate through a number of stages as it flows through our product review and development process. Each suggestion will be updated and assigned with a new status at each stage to communicate progress.

Upon submission, all suggestions will be sent directly to a UNIFI Labs product manager for review.   This brief review process help’s determind where to funnel the suggestions.  Suggestions that are within scope of our overall product goals and business plan will be moved into the Awaiting Feedback stage.  Suggestions that are similar to previously submitted suggestions that are in the Awaiting Feedback stage will be merged with the existing suggestion.  Suggestion that may contain great ideas but reside outside of our business plans will be Declined.

Suggestions Awaiting Feedback will be reviewed monthly by the UNIFI Product team to assess value and impact. Decisions will be made to either leave the suggestion in the ‘Awaiting Feedback’ stage to collect more feedback or move it to the Planned stage.

As a suggestion moves through the various stages, the submitter and anyone who voted for the suggestion will receive an email update informing them of the progression.

Stages & Statuses Defined:

Not Reviewed

– Your review has been submitted and is awaiting review by a UNIFI Labs Product Manager.

– Turnaround time for a review is within 5 business day of submission.

Awaiting Feedback

– UNIFI Labs feels that the suggestion is within scope and has opened up the suggestion for other customers to vote for.

– Suggestions in this stage will be reviewed monthly by the UNIFI Labs product team, there is not set time limit for suggestions in this stage.


– The suggestion has been added to a development cycle and will be implemented in an upcoming release.


– The suggestions is actively being developed.


– The suggestion has been completed and released.


– The suggestion doesn’t fit with our business and product strategy and will not be progressing.

As a software and services provider, there are many development projects underway at any given time. The suggestions tracked through our feedback portal represent only those suggestions submitted by customers and do not represent the additional projects our development team may be working on.

Our feedback portal always has the most up-to-date information about the progress of your suggestions.  UNIFI Customer Success and Customer Support will be referencing the same feedback  portal for suggestion status and will have no additional information about when your idea will be reviewed should you reach out to them.

Use of Feedback

UNIFI Labs and its employees and contractors do not accept, review or consider any unsolicited ideas, works, proposals, suggestions, artwork, content or the like, including for advertising campaigns, promotions, products, services, technologies, product enhancements, processes, marketing strategies, product names, content or creative materials (all of the foregoing “submissions”). Please do not send or provide any submissions in any form to UNIFI Labs or any of its employees or contractors.

The purpose of this policy is to avoid potential misunderstandings or disputes when UNIFI Lab’s products, services, technologies, advertising, promotions, marketing strategies or content might seem similar to submissions provided to UNIFI Labs. If, despite our request that you not send us your submissions, you still submit them, then regardless of what your correspondence says, the following terms will apply to your submissions.

Terms of Idea Submission

You agree that: (1) your submissions and their contents along with related intellectual property rights will automatically become the property of UNIFI Labs, without any compensation to you; (2) UNIFI may use or redistribute the submissions and their contents for any purpose and in any way on an unrestricted basis; (3) there is no obligation for UNIFI Labs to review the submissions; and (4) there is no obligation to keep any submissions confidential.

Product Feedback

UNIFI Labs does, however, welcome your feedback regarding many areas of UNIFI Labs existing business. If you want to send us feedback, we request that you use the forms accessible through our Revit Add-on or Feedback Portal where you can choose from the many listed areas for your feedback. Please provide only specific feedback on UNIFI Lab’s existing products, services and marketing strategies using those forms; and do not send or provide any submissions other than using those forms.

Feedback and Information

Any feedback you provide at this site will be deemed to be non-confidential and not proprietary. UNIFI Labs will be free to use and redistribute such information on an unrestricted basis, without any compensation to you.