Are You Learning Or Reviewing Revit? Check out UNIFI’s Brand NEW Revit Button Guide! 


As the traditional design workflow is on the path (or in some cases well underway) of transitioning to BIM (Building Informational Modeling), there are multiple challenges a professional in the AECO (architecture, engineering, construction, owner/operator) industry endures to become a certified BIM expert. Among the many challenges that occur while successfully transitioning to BIM, learning Revit tops the list. It is necessary to learn Revit so your organization can take advantage of its many benefits including cost and resource savings, improved communication, and shorter project lifecycles.  Considering the AECO industry is known for its fast moving and is measured on velocity, adopting BIM is especially complicated. UNIFI’s CEO and Co-founder Dwayne Miller, PE, RCDD illustrates the challenges of transitioning to BIM in the perfect metaphor, “how do you change the tires on a car going down the freeway at 100 MPH?”   

On top of the inherited challenges of adopting BIM in a high velocity and busy industry, Revit offers vast and complex functionality which can be quite time-consuming to learn. In fact, it often takes years to become a certified expert in Revit, and continuing education is required as Revit releases a new version every year. Along with the steep learning curve that calls for a significant investment of time, there is a significant cost of $2,000 per year for a single license. Thus, learning and implementing BIM as quickly as possible is a must to realize your investment. Luckily, there are multiple options available either in person or virtually to learn Revit. Most universities offer Revit classes, or you could learn Revit virtually from numerous websites such as LinkedIn, Youtube, and Autodesk itself. Not sure which path you would like to take to learn Revit? UNIFI Labs has created a brief Revit introduction tutorial for you to get started while deciding which learning path is the one for you. You can access the tutorial here. 

As former designers from the industry ourselves, we understand you have limited time to spare and need to focus on what you do best, designing. To help streamline the process of learning and adopting Revit professionals in the AECO industry, UNIFI, the industry-leading content management platform, has created a thesaurus of all the current Revit buttons. In this E-book, you can easily see what each button looks like, what it does, and where you can find it in Revit. Ultimately, this guide makes learning or reviewing the buttons in Revit a breeze. To download this E-book, you can fill out the form below and you will gain instant access.  

Speaking of efficiency and velocity gains, UNIFI is the industry-leading BIM content management platform that saves your designers an hour a day and empowers seamless collaboration across your team. To give your designers more time designing and less time looking for the content they need, click here: Get Started with UNIFI – UNIFI (, today. 

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