Save Designers 200+

Hours, Every Year

UNIFI’s Revit-integrated content management system lets your team quickly find and insert BIM content, saving each designer 10% of their time, which means 10% faster and more profitable projects.

Get Organized

Manage your BIM content library through an easy-to-use, intuitive, dashboard.

Gain control

Maintaining an organized Revit library is all about control. Control over what goes in, what goes out, who has access and of course control over content quality.

Gain Visibility

Keep bad BIM content out of your models. When designers can easily find the right content they are less likely to use the wrong conten

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Saved Searches

Search queries with complex filters or remembering how to find content by browsing through libraries is no longer necessary

Content Request Workflows

Give yourself the ability to create, fulfill, or manage requests for new content or updates to existing content from a central dashboard


Upgrading content to the next Revit version is no longer tedious and time-consuming. UNIFI takes care of this for you.

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"UNIFI is the bridge allowing all of our staff, consultants, and clients access to critical content."

Guy Messick
Director of Design Intelligence
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"Since using UNIFI's Project Analytics, we haven't had a project with downtime.:

Eric Shappe
Director of Technology
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"UNIFI took the time to learn about our products, listened to how our customers use the projects, and used their knowledge to distribute our BIM content to the right people.:

Will ayers
Marketing Manager
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"It's been a perfect partnership, resulting in a tool that is everything we expected it to be."

Travis Yates
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"KTGY now looks like one company regardless of whether our Oakland, Irvine or Pune office is designing. All seven offices have access to content at any time with one source."

Troy Gates
Director of Design Technology
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"If you’re still using a server, you’re not BIM savvy."

Chris Ridder
BIM Manager
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"Folder structures proved to be inherently inefficient for accessing family files. UNIFI allows our project teams to quickly and easily search and manage Revit families, which will significantly improve our productivity."

BIM Manager
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"Before it could take three minutes to search for an item. Now it takes five seconds."

Lauren Collier
Design Technology Manager
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"Not only is this a great content library manager, it is shaping up to be a fantastic BIM analytics engine."

Sean Burke
Digital Practice Leader
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"Easy to set up and deploy, this tool gives me the ability to better control the quality of my BIM models!"

Ben Fitch
Digital Practice Leader
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"Project Analytics has been a game changer for CannonDesign. It gives us the chance to change the playing field of model maintenance and solve problems before they ever start."

Adam Murray
BIM Managaer
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"UNIFI provided the most complete and clear onboarding I've ever had with a platform. Between our Administrative onboarding, I had something come up on an upload, and tech support was right on it and solved my problem within 15 minutes."

Dan Westphal
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"Team UNIFI did a great job meeting with our entire team to find out how we were using UNIFI and how we could improve. This was a very good onboarding approach, as it allowed us to get the most out of UNIFI."

Morris Clarke
Project Architect
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"The UNIFI team’s method of onboarding and easing the process of adoption is absolutely stellar! My team and I were pleasantly surprised to see the level of commitment and dedication to the craft of making our adoption and implementation, a resounding success."

Gautam Shenoy
Senior Associate/Director: Design Technology
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"The UNIFI trial was crucial for us the prove the worth and got the team hooked from the start! Onboarding was easy thanks to the supportive UNIFI team plus the system is fairly easy to use, no major issues or questions came up."

LISA Metzger
Architectural Project Manager Associate
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