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Moddex is an Australian manufacturer that is the leader of inventive barrier systems for large-scale infrastructure and non-residential construction projects, they’re known specifically for their state-of-the-art modular handrails and balustrades. They are currently operating in Australia and New Zealand, creating a substantial number of handrails, barriers, commercial and industry balustrade, and guardrail systems that are designed for an extensive range of industrial, commercial, and civil applications. Designing and manufacturing everything in-house, gives customers the ability to save time and money throughout the whole process. And thanks to the years of research, development, and design they have pre-engineered and designed modular configurations available, which will guarantee that it will be 100% industry standard-complaint and will be fit-for-purpose from the get-go. 

  In 2019 Moddex won supplier of the Year and ranked #6 in greatest place to work in Australia. As Moddex states themselves “With our expertise and processes, we can ensure you get the most competitive pricing, your project runs smoothly, and we work with you to meet your strict budget and timeline.” 

What Brought Moddex To Create Content For UNIFI?

Moddex has been on the BIM journey for several years, with Revit content developed as early as 2016. Throughout the past years they had been fulfilling requests for BIM content via their website request form and through third parties. In more recent years, Moddex started to receive anecdotal feedback that our BIM content would be better hosted on UNIFI.  

True to their core purpose of finding “a better way”, they stepped in and started conducting research with a small group of Australian architects on the subject.  

When it came to feedback from the architects, they had similar responses. Whilst they could download BIM content from the Moddex website into their internal libraries, there was always uncertainty around whether they were designing with the latest version.  

After conducting the research, Moddex decided they needed to create the content for customers on UNIFI. They went on to create an established Revit library with their main railing configurations. Moddox stated Moddex Revit families have been created to a consistent, high standard with the objective of finding a balance between complexity of use, functionality, documentation output, file size and performance in a Revit project environment.” 

 It is important to note as well that in addition to Revit, the content Moddex created also supports a number of file types and platforms (ArchiCAD, dwg, stp and Tekla Warehouse). For customers interested in their content it is available either through their request form or via their content page which integrates with BIMcontent.com  Since creating the BIM content they have received fewer requests (around 15 a week according to their website request form) as it is mainly self-serve. 


What’s most important and sets Moddex apart from their competitors is they put their customers first and are always being on the brink of discovering new ways to solve unique problems that construction projects face. A perfect example of this is how Moddex took the time, effort, and research to get involved in creating BIM content on UNIFI for their customers. Moddex understands the benefits of making their BIM content easily accessible and how it helps designers be as efficient and accurate as possible. 

To get the full experience of Moddex content on UNIFI, log in to theUNIFI web portal and go to theSubscription Center. Once you’ve subscribed to Moddox’s channels, you will be able to gain access to all of Moddox’s amazing BIM content. 

Are you not a UNIFI customer yet, but are interested in giving it a try? Contact us for a free trial.  


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