Employee Spotlight: Adam Simmons

Employee Spotlight: Adam Simmons 

Adam Simmons is one of our outstanding employees that makes UNIFI succeed. As a BIM specialist, he wears many hats including product development, support, and QA. His dedication, expertise, and alignment to UNIFI’s company values make him an exemplary UNIFIER. 

We sat down with Adam to get his view on working at UNIFI, and what he has enjoyed since he started at UNIFI over a year ago. Continue to read below to see our interview with Adam! 

What has your experience been with our company culture? 

The company culture at UNIFI starts by striving to be accountable, authentic, agile, curious, empathetic, and humble. This is the character of those I met when I first started at UNIFI and while no one lives up to all of these in perfection there is a desire to be and hold others accountable to this kind of character at all levels of the company. I can’t say I have ever experienced a culture where these things have been clearly desired as well as commonplace among its staff.  

What are some things you have noticed about our leadership team? 

The leadership team at UNIFI is welcoming and accessible. It’s not uncommon for them to be part of regular meetings and have open opportunities to share concerns and issues. Something that is hard to find in today’s business first world.  

What parts of our mission do you connect with? 

Truth, honesty, and humility in building maintaining and supporting something that helps our industry.  

What have been your biggest accomplishments on our team? 

Taking over primary product expert, full revamp, and consolidation of the UNIFI content audit report, managing support during Kenneth’s leave, and providing industry knowledge and current product knowledge to the dev and production team in rebuilding the product we have for web. All within one year from start. 

Which benefits are your favorite and why? 

Flexible schedule and fully remote. These allow me to live in a rural area to enjoy God’s good handy work and build my own home while home schooling my children and soon fostering among many other things… It allows for life while you work. 

Before working here, what was an exciting job you had? 

SE Regional BIM manager for Gensler. Working with one of the early employees of Revit Mark Bassett, we developed cutting edge process and tools for visualization and project efficiency that set the standard for many things that carry on today at Gensler globally. 

What drew you to UNIFI originally? And how has UNIFI changed since?  

  The love of solving complicated problems with technology is what originally drew me to UNIFI and continues to be why I work for UNIFI today.  

List a couple of fun facts about yourself! 

I am a classic car enthusiast. I once owned a 65 T-Bird and a 67 Mustang. 

 Michelle Porter, Vice President of Customer Success and Sales Operations explains what great efforts Adam brings to the UNIFI team, “Adam is authentic, accountable and agile.  His thirst for knowledge and curiosity help to build relationships with our prospects and customer’s helping them realize the potential of what can be and is possible with UNIFI.” 

 We are grateful to have team members like Adam on the team, who strives every day to be the best he can be at his position. Would you like to learn more about the industry leading content management system? Or would you like to get a FREE trial of UNIFI? Click here. 

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