What ROI (return on investment) Can I Expect With UNIFI?


        ROI (return on investment) is a measuring tool companies use to see how effective or profitable their investment has become. In simpler terms, it shows how much you have gotten back compared to how much you originally had put in. An example of this is imagine you buy software for $300 but it saves you an hour a day, and you make $150 an hour, this means the tool pays for itself within 1 day and saves you over $30,000 a year. Most of the time when calculating your ROI, it has to do with how much money or time you have put into your investment or business decision and if it is paying off positively. When it comes to any business investment or decision, you should always consider the ROI. Taking the time to figure it out in advance will always help you when figuring out which investments or decisions are worth your time. As the CRB team even states about their opportunity cost with UNIFI, “The platform quickly paid for itself and resulted in a positive return on investment for us.”

The ROI formula is a very simple calculation. The ROI is usually a ratio, percentage, or time. To obtain it, you divide the gain, net benefits, or time saved that was earned from the investment by the actual cost or time spent on the investment. You must note that figuring out your ROI is different from calculating your profit.

ROI = net benefits/total cost 

Those that leverage UNIFI Labs, the industry-leading content management platform, obtain an outstanding ROI, quickly. We understand firsthand that the industry we serve doesn’t have budget in the masses to spare, thus delivering on this promise to save much more than our product costs is always top of mind. Having over 40,000 worldwide happy users is just the proof in the pudding, UNIFI user Philip Kendal from BECA states, “UNIFI solves all of our problems with a single source of truth that saves time and money.” Researching UNIFI’s ROI has led us to be able to proudly state that we can save each designer at your firm around 200 hours annually and help save your firm thousands of dollars each year, leading up to a 515% return on investment. Shown below is a video going over what happened to a firm and their individual designers before and after they started using UNIFI.


To help show you the potential of UNIFI’s ROI, we have created an ROI calculator for you to determine what your firm’s ROI could be when you implement UNIFI. You can find the calculator here and we also have all our ROI facts ready for you to view on the same page. As Guatam Shenoy from Steinberg Hart states, “UNIFI pays for itself within weeks.” So, try out our ROI calculator today and see how much time and money UNIFI could save your organization.  

In conclusion, finding your ROI can help any company or firm make the right business decisions. That is why some of our current customers have implemented UNIFI on top of seeing our outstanding search abilities, project analytics and being cloud-based. Are you impressed by UNIFI’s ROI and are interested in seeing UNIFI in action? Click here to get started and book your live demo today. 

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