UNIFI Pro Version: 3.9.4

OVERVIEW UNIFI Labs is pleased to announce that our 3.9.4 software update is now live! This minor update will resolve several bug issues and under-the-hood enhancements for the next generation of UNIFI Pro.  For more information on this update, please read below and remember you will need to update UNIFI to be able to access […]

What ROI (return on investment) Can I Expect With UNIFI?

        ROI (return on investment) is a measuring tool companies use to see how effective or profitable their investment has become. In simpler terms, it shows how much you have gotten back compared to how much you originally had put in. An example of this is imagine you buy software for $300 […]

Employee Spotlight: Adam Simmons

Employee Spotlight: Adam Simmons  Adam Simmons is one of our outstanding employees that makes UNIFI succeed. As a BIM specialist, he wears many hats including product development, support, and QA. His dedication, expertise, and alignment to UNIFI’s company values make him an exemplary UNIFIER.  We sat down with Adam to get his view on working […]

On Showcase: Moddex

Moddex is an Australian manufacturer that is the leader of inventive barrier systems for large-scale infrastructure and non-residential construction projects, they’re known specifically for their state-of-the-art modular handrails and balustrades. They are currently operating in Australia and New Zealand, creating a substantial number of handrails, barriers, commercial and industry balustrade, and guardrail systems that are […]