What Is Your BIM Management Style?


The role of a BIM Manager is quickly becoming a high-in-demand position as the Building Information Modeling (BIM) market is predicted to triple in value from 2017 to 2027. Being a BIM Manager consists of overseeing the production of project information models containing 3D visualizations that bring together data, drawings, and schedules associated with a project’s design and construction phase. They also act as communicators between the client, designers, contractors, and the supply chain. To help BIM Managers figure out their management style within the role, we have created a quiz that will distinguish which style they are and their strengths. 

The quiz is a quick five questions and has numerous management style outcomes. The outcomes are project savior, standards enforcer, brain trust, BIM geek, and entrepreneurial BIM Manager. Listed below are the descriptions of each style. 

Project Savior – You are a hard worker and will always go above and beyond to ensure the task is finished. You are a very dependable employee. 

Standards Enforcer – You are a stickler to the rules and always make sure that BIM standards are met. You are always double and triple-checking your work. 

Brain Trust – You are the person that everyone turns to when they have a question. Many refer to you as a walking encyclopedia. 

BIM Geek – You are a BIM know it all and you are always looking to learn more. Even during your downtime, you are likely to be expanding your knowledge about BIM. 

Entrepreneurial BIM Manager – You are innovative, driven, and always on the path to success. You are always coming up with new ideas and solutions. 

Are you interested in taking the quiz for yourself? Just follow this link and find out which BIM management style is yours! BIM Manager Quiz – UNIFI (unifilabs.com) 

Regardless of your management style, if you are a BIM Manager or work in the AECO industry, UNIFI Labs, the industry-leading content management platform, can help you and your organization. With ROIs like saving your designers an hour a day and saving your firm thousands of dollars annually, it’s worth a try! 

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