The Game-Changing Method for Future-Proofing Legacy Families

The Game-Changing Method for Future-Proofing Legacy Families

We’ve talked before about the importance of avoiding chaos with your Revit content. One way that content could quickly turn to chaos is when different versions of Revit are being used for a particular family.

If someone is using a Revit family from an older version of Revit, it can wreak havoc on a project since users would have to maintain multiple versions of a piece of content or multiple libraries for content.

That’s why UNIFI’s automatic future-proofing of content is a game-changer for users.

How UNIFI Future-Proofs Content

UNIFI automatically future-proofs legacy families by pulling the version of content from the cloud that corresponds with the version of Revit that they are using. Let’s take a closer look at how it works:

In the base file chart section shown below, you’ll see that this family was built originally in 2015. As newer versions of Revit were released, UNIFI upgraded it automatically in the cloud.

Let’s say, for instance, that your team is using Revit 2017 for a project. In that case, UNIFI will pull that version from the cloud so that your team doesn’t have to manually upgrade the family. When this happens, UNIFI will then upgrade the 2019 base file for the latest Revit versions. What UNIFI did here was future-proof this family because now there is a second base file that will be used for future versions of Revit. That means that if any team member is using a more recent version of Revit, UNIFI will use the base file of that version, but UNIFI will still maintain these legacy versions for projects which are using earlier versions of Revit.


Keep in mind that this future-proofing of content is done automatically in UNIFI and you don’t have to lift a finger. This is one of the many ways that UNIFI makes it easy for you to streamline your BIM content management process to save your team time and money.

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