Free Revit Family Downloads with UNIFI Connect

Unifi is mostly known as a robust BIM content management system for your firm’s internal library of BIM content, but did you know that we also provide Revit family downloads direct from manufacturers and other BIM content providers with Unifi Connect?

Unifi Connect Channels are how we enable 3rd parties to share their content with our users, at no cost to the end-users. Yes, that means free Revit family downloads.

Using Unifi Connect to Find 3rd Party Revit Family Downloads

One of the benefits of using Unifi Connect to find and use 3rd party Revit family downloads is the seamless integration with your firm’s internal content. You can search, browse, and load Revit families (or access any other content type) from a Channel as if it were your own library.


One of the most efficient ways to find content in Unifi Connect is the search function. In the context of searching for 3rd party Revit family downloads, you’ll find the publicly shared content by searching through Channels. Don’t forget that you can always search both your internal content libraries and public Channel content by using the dropdown to the left of the search field.

Search for content by keyword or tag by typing your query into the main search text box. As of version 3.3.0, we’ve enhanced the search functionality to include the ability to specify which field of metadata that you would like to search, which gives you even more granular control over which content is returned as a search result.

Revit Family Downloads

Also rolled out with version 3.3.0, we’ve added search functionality to allow for searching for specific Revit parameters and their values. Now, users can search through manufacturer content by searching for a specific Revit parameter value. In the example below, a user is looking for all products across multiple Channels which are rated at 120v.

By searching for a specific Revit parameter value, your team will have the ability to find Revit family downloads from multiple sources based on the BIM data within the Revit families.

Revit Family DownloadsSubscribe

In order to access 3rd party content (e.g., manufacturer Revit family downloads), a company administrator at must subscribe specific user groups to have access to the Channels. Again, there is no cost for subscribing to Channels for the end-users.

To subscribe to a Channel log in to the web portal and click on the Subscriptions tab (only company administrators will have access to this tab). On the Subscriptions page, click the Subscribe button under any Channels that you would like to Subscribe your groups to.

Revit Family Downloads

On the following screen, toggle any of the user groups that you would like to have access to this channel.

Revit Family DownloadsRevit Families from Multiple Sources

Unifi Connect makes it easier to find content by using our robust search engine as well as offers a more efficient design process by making it easier to load Revit families into Revit projects. Best of all, by using Unifi Connect Channels, your team can find Revit family downloads from multiple manufacturers and BIM content providers in one central location.

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