A Day In The Life Of A Customer Success Director

 Are you amazed at our customer’s onboarding experience being 9.8/10 across 40,000+ global users? Have you ever wondered how we were able to achieve that? Well, we can happily blame our Customer Success team! We decided to start our Customer Success team to journey with our customers as we know firsthand how difficult it is to adopt new tools amidst a highly fast-paced industry effectively. Our Customer Success team lives and breathes doing whatever possible to help our customers gain the necessary knowledge of our platform, gets all their questions answered about adoption and beyond, and troubleshoots any issues as they arise.

One of the key players on the Customer Success team is our Customer Success Director, Scott Shiple. Scott and the Customer Success team are responsible for being strategic and supportive to the customer. In this blog, we will go through the day-to-day of UNIFI’s Customer Success Director to see how he makes the magic happen.

From the time a prospect considers UNIFI, the customer success team participates in the demo. Once they officially become customers, they start their onboarding journey with the CS team, which goes into the support phase. Rather than functioning as a customer support agent, Customer Success Directors form a direct relationship with customers and provide them with timely value propositions. This helps customers grow and achieve their goals within BIM and as a broader business; UNIFI’s Customer Success Director Scott Shiple states, “Luckily, the Customer Success is an industry full of bright and diverse individuals with a wide array of skillsets and backgrounds, this meaning you do not need to specialize in anything. If you enjoy tech, problem-solving, and helping others, I would consider it seriously.” There are some crucial skills to be considered “the ideal Customer Success Director,” though. This skill set includes allowing yourself to be adaptable, enjoy problem-solving, thinking creatively, communicating effectively, vast organization, and genuine empathy. Our team uses this skill set to work with our customers, ensuring their happiness throughout all stages of the buying process and after.

What many love about the Customer Success Director role is the day-to-day tasks that vary, making each day different from the next. One task that never changes is ensuring the customer stays happy and knowledgeable about the UNIFI platform, which our customers at UNIFI can back up. As Steinberg Hart stated, “Thanks to their team of customer success superstars, implementing UNIFI was smooth and effortless.” Other critical daily tasks our team handles are a mix of running Kickoff Calls, onboarding new customers, working through strategy, retraining long-term customers, having QBRs, or developing customer resources; every day brings a new task and back-to-back calls that are rarely the same. Scott Shiple, our CS Manager, states that his favorite part of the role is “working with the many roles Customer Success opens you to. Working across departments with other colleagues while understanding customers’ goals when they initially purchased software, then seeing those goals be met is what’s most satisfying.” With all the different responsibilities, every day in the life of a Customer Success Director is unique at UNIFI.

A notable example of this is how UNIFI Labs and their customers have received so much help and support from the customer success team; as Binnies has stated, “UNIFI was the clear content management choice for ease of inserting into Revit, versioning, and best in class Customer Success team.” and Coral Homes stating as well, “UNIFI is the best content management system for both functionality and customer support.” We have many other happy customers due to our customer success team; Scott Shiple, CS Manager, states how we obtain that, “Our goal here at UNIFI is to help every customer, both new and established. Through a very in-depth onboarding process, we’re there for the customer every step of the way to ensure both short-term and long-term goals are understood and met. I’m happy to say the customer’s journey at UNIFI doesn’t stop once onboarding is completed either; we continue to meet with customers quarterly for business reviews, retraining, and strategy calls.”

As you can see, being a Customer Success Manager is a lot of work but most definitely worth it, as you get to be the reason why a customer smiles at the end of any meeting or phone call with your organization. Interested in reading more stories about how our customer success team has created some delighted customers? Just click on the link and read away! Testimonials – UNIFI (unifilabs.com)

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