BIM Content Management API: Sample Application Available Now

As you may have heard, the Unifi APIs are out in the wild and the Unifi team can’t wait to see what all of you start to cook up! Earlier this year we launched the Project Analytics API, which gives our users access to even more data than what is exposed on the out-of-the-box dashboards. The Content Management API is infinitely more powerful, giving our users read/write access to the parameters encapsulated within their Revit families. Imagine that, the ability to manage your BIM data in the cloud. 

We are so excited about this API that we wanted to give the Unifi community a head start by sharing a couple of sample applications which are built on top of the Content Management API.  


Full disclosure, I am not a software developer by trade, I’m actually a BIM manager. That is important to note because it demonstrates that with just some fundamental knowledge of C# and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), I was able to create a fully functional desktop application to manage Manufacturer and Model data to your families in the cloud. If I can do it, you can do it as well!  

Download or Fork the Sample Application on GitHub 

The sample application is open source and available on GitHub, please click here to access it now. Once you download or fork the repository, you’ll find the Visual Studio solution in the c-sharp\ContentManagement folder.  

Simply open ContentManagement.sln in Visual Studio and add the following required packages through NuGet: 



Once the packages are installed to the project, you’ll be able to build the application and run it.  

I hope you enjoy the open source sample code. Please click here for more on our Content Management API or to get your API key today.  

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