BIMsmith and UNIFI Integrate to Enhance AEC Industries Access to Manufacturer Content

Las Vegas, NV, November 2019 – UNIFI Labs is proud to report on a year of accelerated growth. We’ve achieved many key milestones in 2019, including a 98% customer retention rate and surpassing 10,000 monthly active users on our platform. We attribute these achievements to our commitment to journeying with our customers on the path to Better BIM, consistently placing our customers’ needs, goals, and experience at the forefront of our focus. In order to further support our goal of enabling our customers to get the most out of their investment in the UNIFI platform, we’ve joined forces with BIMsmiththe leading product database for building professionals, to provide an expansive new collection of BIM content resources to UNIFI customers 

As a result of this partnership, the extensive selection of BIM content from the world’s leading building product manufacturers hosted in BIMsmith Market is now available at no additional charge to UNIFI’s AECO customers through UNIFI Connect.  Access to quality, accurate BIM content and data continues to be one of the leading inhibitors keeping design firms from realizing the full ROI of their investment in BIM workflows and technologies. Through our integration with BIMsmith, not only will UNIFI customers have access to an increased amount of manufacturer BIM content, they’ll also greatly benefit from the real-time sync of content data between our two platforms which ensures that the latest and most accurate building manufacturer product data is being placed in their projects.  

For the manufacturers who make their content available on BIMsmith’s platform, the process of loading the Revit families they’ve created into a project is greatly streamlined for AECOs accessing the content via the UNIFI add-in, as a modeler will no longer be required to download and load families into a project. BIMsmith’s manufacturers will benefit from increased exposure, as their products will be available to the leading design firms leveraging UNIFI as their single source of approved BIM content, including Stantec, HDR, IA and HOKBenjamin Glunz, CEO of BIMsmith said, “The building design community has so much to gain when we put out heads together. We’re thrilled to work with UNIFI to offer building professionals faster, more reliable product data.”   

Dwayne Miller, CEO and Co-Founder at UNIFI Labs added, “From our first interaction it was clear we share a common ethos, as both BIMSmith and UNIFI come from the domain and have intimate context for the challenges our customers face.” Dwayne continued, “Coming together was very natural and as partners we can provide more value to the industry we collectively serve. We are excited to work together to help our constituents accelerate delivery and increase velocity in their BIM journey.” 

Interested in learning more about BIMsmith? Please call (224) 505-4246 or visit To learn how to access BIMsmith’s content in UNIFI and try out the rest of our platform features, please visit our blog post contact us at 

About BIMsmith® 

BIMsmith, the leading cloud-based building product discovery and selection platform, cultivates global business-to-business relationships between building industry professionals and building product manufacturers. Through direct integration of real product data into the BIM workflow, BIMsmith continues to shape the future of building science technology, placing its clients at the forefront of BIM innovation while addressing the true needs of industry professionals. Learn more about BIMsmith at 

About UNIFI Labs 

UNIFI Labs is the global leader in cloud-based BIM content and data management. Our essential data platform delivers a Better BIM experience by helping users navigate the DARK BIM. Hundreds of brands trust UNIFI for their BIM content/data management needsincluding  Interior Architects, Katerra, Stantec, HOK, Legrand, and Pella. 

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