Benefits of the BIMsmith Integration for UNIFI Users

Did you know that UNIFI Pro users have access to hundreds of brands for manufacturer BIM content through manufacturer channels directly in the desktop application? We make it easier for users to find and load quality Revit families from leading brands such as Legrand, Herman Miller, Grundfos, Knoll, Mitsubishi Electric, Zurn, and more.

Last week, we announced the addition of a new partner, BIMsmith, which provides hundreds of new content to our users. BIMsmith is one of the leading websites which provides a robust product database for building professionals who are looking for BIM content to add to their projects.


BIMsmith content is now as easier to find and load into projects.

By using UNIFI Pro, users no long need to download Revit families and CAD blocks through their web browser. With a single click, UNIFI downloads the content from the cloud and loads it into your current project.

UNIFI’s intuitive search functionality allows users to find content by keyword or parameter value. By selecting any number of BIMsmith’s channels, you now have the ability to find Revit families across multiple manufacturers inline with your firm’s internal assets.


Improved Visibility of BIMsmith Parameter Data

Within UNIFI Pro, users will now have the ability to review the parameter data within BIMsmith’s Revit families without the need to download or open the family in Revit. All parameters and their values are visible directly in the UNIFI Pro application.

BIMsmith Content is Now Available in UNIFI Pro

For current customers, the BIMsmith content is available at no charge today. Simply navigate to your subscriptions page in the web portal and scroll down to the BIMsmith section to subscribe to each manufacturer channel as desired. Once you’ve subscribed to the desired channels, your team will have the ability to find and use BIMsmith content in their projects.

If you’re not a current customer and want to learn more about implementing UNIFI Pro at your firm, please contact

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