3.2 CORE Release Notes

Hey UNIFI Customers,

Our latest software update for UNIFI CORE was released on January 6, 2019. 

CORE 3.2 – Material and Fill Patterns!

You can now store and manage Revit material and fill pattern element types in UNIFI.  

Apply materials and fill patterns with one click!.

Release Details:

New Functionality:  The ability to store and manage Revit material and fill pattern element types in UNIFI Core.

Bug Fixes:

– Content that was downloaded from and re-uploaded to UNIFI now overwrites properly in Revit.

– Batch exporting schedules will no longer fail when exported with the Revit French language pack.

– Select categories no longer appear twice.

– Increased the uploadable file size limit from 1GB to 3GB 

– Submitting content requests with an attached file simultaneously open in the Revit family editor will no longer crash UNIFI.

– The list of file extensions will now reset when the user selects the option to upload additional files. 

– The metric/imperial label will no longer appear on non-loadable family file types.

– Inserting a drafting view will no longer make Revit stick to the forefront.

– Exporting drafting views that have references to other views will no longer fail.

– Do you have suggestions for future updates or changes? Click here to learn how to submit your recommendations directly in the UNIFI platform.

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  1. I can’t see how to upload materials, do I do it from an open project? I can drag and drop image maps but that can’t be all.

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