Advantages and Disadvantages of Revit

Initially released nearly 20 years ago, Revit has grown to be one of the most widely adopted BIM applications in the world. As with every robust and powerful application, there are of advantages and disadvantages of Revit. While the advantages of Revit are plentiful, there are of course limitations and constraints which can be a […]

MAY 29 @ 11 am pst: Webinar Invite

Across all industries, the implicit value of data continues to grow exponentially. In the AEC industry, design data seems to remain trapped in analog drawings (i.e., hand-drawn plans), unintelligent digital drawings (i.e., PDFs, DWGs), or “dark” building information models (i.e., unstructured BIM data).   BIM has become a fundamental piece of our industry’s data-driven workflows and it is widely known that this data can influence design decisions, but what other ways can we put this data to good use?  Join UNIFI Labs as we […]

How to Use Revit Worksets to Share Work and Increase Efficiency

One feature of Revit that remains particularly controversial after all these years is the implementation of Revit worksets. Over the 15 years that I’ve been using Revit, this topic seems to have the least consensus amongst BIM managers who strive for solid standards. In this post, I’ll share my views on how to use Revit […]

COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS: What is the Best BIM Content Management System?

UNIFI COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS WHAT IS THE BEST BIM CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM? DOWNLOAD OUR FREE COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS NOW It seems like startups are cropping up every day in the AECO space and when it comes to BIM-specific applications, there’s no shortage of solutions to help with the daily grind. BIM content management systems are no exception […]

UNIFI Announces Global BIM Expert Partnership Network

Las Vegas, NV MAY 2019 – UNIFI Labs, the leading BETTER BIM™ provider is pleased to announce the launch of our BIM Expert partner network, which establishes strategic partnership with several of the industry’s most respected and BIM forward consultants, including bimco, Francios Dionne, John King Ltd, NittyGritty, and Paras Nanavati. These collaborations will provide UNIFI’s customer base with access to expert support and […]