UNIFI Announces Global BIM Expert Partnership Network

Las Vegas, NV MAY 2019 – UNIFI Labs, the leading BETTER BIM™ provider is pleased to announce the launch of our BIM Expert partner network, which establishes strategic partnership with several of the industry’s most respected and BIM forward consultants, including bimcoFrancios DionneJohn King LtdNittyGritty, and Paras NanavatiThese collaborations will provide UNIFI’s customer base with access to expert support and advisory for their consulting needs, while expanding UNIFI’s global outreach as the go-to content management, data, and model health monitoring platform. 

In the coming months, UNIFI will continue to deliver enhanced capabilities and customization opportunities for our BIM content and data management platform. The evolution of UNIFI’s data capabilities and the release of their Project Analytics API enables customers to integrate the UNIFI platform into their internal ecosystems in innovative ways to drive efficiencies in their workflow.   

“We are extremely excited to leverage our expert partners to expand our reach and enhance our customer journey. As UNIFI continues to focus on creating transparency into the Dark BIM™ through data enhancement and visualization, our expert partnership network will help ensure our customers drive efficiency and gain valuable, contextually relevant insights into their BIM data, content, libraries, and projects throughout their organization,” said Dwayne Miller, CEO at UNIFI Labs. 

UNIFI’s AECO customers will have the opportunity to work with our BIM Expert partnership network for their training and implementation needs as the network is established and grows. UNIFI’s BIM Expert partners will also serve as an extension of UNIFI’s team to deliver custom services that accelerate implementation timelines, increase realized business value, and improve the industry-leading efficiency that the UNIFI platform provides its customers.  

“We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our UNIFI BIM Expert network. Our BIM Expert partners represent the industry’s foremost BIM consultants and share our passion for accompanying AECO organizations along their BIM adoption journey as they work to drive increased value from BIM.” shares Virginia Senf, President & COO at UNIFI. We look forward to collaborating closely with these industry leaders to support our customers in driving efficiency and advancing their design content and data management processes through expanded use of the UNIFI platform,” 

The partnership will also elevate UNIFI’s global outreach as the preferred content management and model health monitoring platform, as UNIFI’s BIM Expert partners leverage UNIFI’s platform to facilitate content management workflows and content creation requests. 

bimco owner Brad Strauss shared that, “UNIFI operates with efficiency and reliability, which has made signing up our clients a streamlined process. Their ability to accommodate our requests promptly means our clients are able to get up and running quickly resulting in happy customers on our end.” 

UNIFI selected bimco, Francios Dionne, John King Ltd, Nitty Gritty, and Paras Nanavati as their official BIM expert partners for their well-respected and knowledgeable BIM Management support and training offerings for AECO firms in their respective regions. Please read below for further information on UNIFI’s BIM Expert partners. 

 About bimco 

Based in Melbourne, Australia, bimco has the philosophy that successful BIM calls for a multifaceted approach, an intelligent object library, expert support, and quality training. bimco offers a subscription based, per-user, consulting service that gives you the opportunity to scale according to the size of your business. 

About Francios Dionne 

Dionne has offered BIM consulting services out of Quebec Canada for over a decade. As a Revit expert, Dionne offers a wide range of services span across BIM Management, modelization, standards, and BIM training.  

About John King Ltd 

 John King BIM Solutions LTD is a UK-based Consultancy that assists and supports AECOs with their Building Information Modeling adoption, by providing BIM implementation and Revit training support, and content creation. 

About PNC Studios 

PNC Studios provides design and construction technology implementation to designers, builders, manufacturers and owners. As a trusted advisor, PNC Studios provides cross-discipline technology integration that increases profitability by the implementation of best practices, resolution of inefficiencies and mitigation of project stresses from the digital delivery process. Their services include contextual implementation, real time simulation, and customized development. 

About Nitty Gritty 

Nittygritty has provided BIM consultancy, IT Support and Software for creative and construction professionals since 2003. Specialists in digital design tools like AutoDesk Revit, Bentley CAD, Sketchup and Creative Suite, they are creators of innovative software tools and solutions to meet client and industry needs. 

About UNIFI Labs 

UNIFI Labs is the global leader in cloud-based BIM content creation and data management. Our essential data platform delivers a Better BIM experience by helping users navigate the DARK BIM. Hundreds of brands trust UNIFI for their BIM content/data management needs including Disney, Interior Architects, Katerra, Stantec, HOK, Legrand, and Pella.  

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