Did You Miss Out On “Revit 2023: First Look”? Here’s Our Recap…


UNIFI Labs has been hosting monthly webinars for years and has become the AECO industry leader in webinar attendance. Our webinars cover numerous BIM and industry topics, intending to educate anyone in the industry or anyone curious about BIM. 

Our most recent webinar on April 12th covered Revit 2023. We chose this topic to help our industry learn about Revit 2023 and the new features that come along with it, in an efficient manner by demonstrating each new feature and discussing how they can help make your organization more efficient in the long run. 

We invited esteemed Revit expert Brian Mackey to host this webinar. Brian has over four years of industry experience and currently is running his own consulting business, helping firms all over the U.S. with any of their BIM problems. UNIFI’s own Karen Pierce co-hosted, who also has years of experience and is UNIFI’s current Senior BIM Specialist. She covered one of UNIFI’s many unique features, versioning, which saves organizations hundreds of hours a year by automatically upgrading your Revit library to the latest version.  

The 1,500 registrants for this webinar particularly came away with: 

• What’s new in Revit 2023, a demo of the main new features, and how these updates can help, today

• What are some features that our community was hoping for in Revit 2023 that remain on the roadmap

• How to automatically upgrade your Revit library to 2023

• Tips and tricks for getting the latest version of Revit rolled out in your firm, plus the pros and cons of rolling the latest version of Revit out immediately

Throughout the webinar we hosted a Q&A session as well, receiving numerous great questions from the audience. The questions were mainly about Revit 2023 and UNIFI which Brian and Karen answered with knowledge and ease. Some of the questions asked were. 

Q: Any updates in Revit 2023 in families? 

A: There are two new MEP family categories, Mechanical Controls and Plumbing Equipment. 

Q: Is there any way to disable the fuzzy result term search settings in UNIFI? 

A: At this time we can’t disable the fuzzy search result when searching in UNIFI but with the use of search filters, you can easily narrow your results. Our upcoming update will have many search enhancements to better find that hard to find content! 

Thank you to all that attended to make it a success, as one attendee even said, “The UNIFI webinar covered a lot more details than the Autodesk Webinar.”   

With all our content, we strive to provide value to help the industry we come from gain efficiency. If you missed out you can access the recording now at the form below, you can access the recording of the “Revit 2023:First Look”. 

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