Revit 2019 New Features: Our Four Favorites

Revit 2019 New Features – User Experience Improvements

December has arrived and 2019 is just around the corner. Revit 2019, however, has been released since April of this year, so we have had several months to play around with this version. There are several Revit 2019 new features that make the application more efficient to work with and this post will cover some of the more fundamental user experience improvements that have been rolled out.

Multiple View Filters With “OR” Setting

Among all of the Revit 2019 new features, this is probably one of the most helpful. If you are a big proponent of filters on views, you now can accomplish your complex filtering with “or” filters. Historically, we have only been able to use “and” filters. This new feature can help you show or hide elements as you see fit, but now with less filters. For example, now users can specify that they would like a floor plan view to show “Cold Water OR Hot Water” systems with a single view.

Improved Multimonitor Support and Tabbed Browsing

Another one of Revit 2019 new features that is a big improvement to user experience is the enhanced multimonitor support. I’ve personally used several tools like UltraMon and DisplayFusion to help me with managing up to three monitors while using Revit, but now with this new feature in Revit 2019 we have native support for multiple monitors.

Tabbed browsing was something that the masses became accustomed to in web browsers and eventually was adopted by all of the major operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS X, and Ubuntu. Revit has proved to have difficulty with window management with several windows open since day one and tabbed browsing is a new feature in Revit 2019 that seeks to remedy that.

Levels in 3D Views

Another one of Revit 2019 new features improves on the user experience is the ability to see Levels in 3D views. This feature will undoubtedly help users have more context as to where they are in a 3D view. Historically, we haven’t had the ability to see the building levels in 3D views which has made it difficult to navigate models in 3D views. It will be interesting to see how users change the way they navigate through their models because most users cut sections to see another perspective of objects. Perhaps with this new feature in Revit 2019, users will be more comfortable with navigating models in 3D.

Dimensions for Curved Objects

One of the pain points of working in Revit for any of the MEP disciplines has been dimensioning curved objects. Prior to this new feature in Revit 2019, it has always been frustrating when trying to dimension to the edge of a round duct, pipe, or conduit in a section view. Finding the spacing between these objects is a crucial piece of the MEP workflow and now Revit 2019 can support it.

Which New Revit 2019 Features Are Your Favorite?

The Revit 2019 new features have been available for us to use for several months now. What new features are you most excited about? Leave a comment below and give us your feedback!

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