UNIFI Labs is pleased to announce that our 3.9.6 software update is now live! This release contains support for new Appearance Asset Types affecting how some materials display in rendered images and bug fixes to upgrading Revit 2022 and 2023 RTE files.

For more information on this update, please read below and remember you will need to update UNIFI to be able to access this update. Please click here to do so now.

New Functionality

o Support for new Appearance Asset Types for materials in Revit. 

Bug Fixes

o Resolves an issue where material previews weren’t showing up for Revit 2021+ content. 

o Minor fix so that RTE files will be upgraded in the background. 

o Resolves issue with Finland/Denmark users’ ability to login via SSO. 

o Resolves crashing caused by Right-Clicking Column Headers in ‘Detail’ View. 



Thank you for being a valued UNIFI customer and taking the time to check out our release, which you can access here.  In the near future, you will have the opportunity to earn a UNIFI certification and share your achievement on LinkedIn. Stay tuned for more details!  

Until next time,  if there’s a feature, update, or bug fix you’re hoping for in a future UNIFI release, please don’t hesitate to let us know. 

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