We’re excited to announce that our 3.9.2 software update is now live! You can now take advantage of:

•Pinned Libraries

•Several bug fixes

Keep reading for the full scoop and please note you will need to update UNIFI to take advantage of this update.



Upon pinning a library to a project in portal and opening any of the project’s models in Revit, that library will now automatically be highlighted in browse view and selected when searching for content in the desktop application.

Fixed the following issues:

•Search result length list appearing limited 

Batch insert dialog where materials were always displayed as ready to insert.

Revit Addin displaying Win32 and Revit project session communication errors.

 Library Communication Error banner being displayed sometimes during content browsing.

Saved Searches/Favorites not populating 

Quick Search not filtering results during Batch Export


Thank you for being a valued UNIFI customer and taking the time to check out our release.  

Until next year,  if there’s a feature, update, or bug fix you’re hoping for in a future UNIFI release, please don’t hesitate to let us know. 

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