We’re excited to announce that our latest software update is now live! You can now take advantage of:

•Search Functionality Enhancements

•Type Catalog Support Updates

•Autodesk 2022 Compatibility 

•Several bug fixes

Keep reading for the full scoop and please note you will need to update UNIFI to take advantage of this update and as of this release, UNIFI version 3.4. and earlier will no longer be accessible.



We’re excited to announce significant enhancements to our search functionality, including:

•Search relevancy upgrades: find the content you’re looking for faster with more intelligent search results fetching.
•Search performance and stability upgrades: Our search logic has been improved throughout our platform. As a result, users will now experience faster response, indexing, and file update processing times.
•Search UI improvements: New options that are intuitive to end-users including search filter consolidation, merged standard and saved search filters under the filter modal window, plus “favorites” have been added under your browse content tab. 
•Type Catalog Support UPDATES

Type catalog compatibility changed with Revit 2021. Now UNIFI supports multiple type catalog formats for a single Revit family.

 •AUTODESK 2022 Compatibility

UNIFI now supports Revit and AutoCAD 2022 (including MEP and Civil 3D). In addition, we removed support for Autodesk versions 2016 and prior. Please note that families saved in Revit 2016 and older can still be uploaded to UNIFI and will be automatically upgraded to all currently supported Revit versions.

Over 20 bugs and issues were resolved in this release, including: 

Drafting View properties are now displayed on File Details page

•Tags information was added to the exportable Library report. 

•Resolved UNIFI Pro crash issue when adding notes to batch uploads too quickly. 

•Resolved UNIFI Pro crash issue while attempting to upload preview image for some files. 

•Resolved the issue with UNIFI Pro Installer not populating UnifiLabs > Assets folders in AppData > Roaming upon •install. 

•Resolved UNIFI Pro issue with update causing the uninstalling in some cases. 

•Improved processing stability of large RVT files. 

•Bentley Microstation Insert count is displayed correctly now. 

•Fixed the issue with Base File and Insert counts on new uploads being incorrect. 

•Fixed the issue with wrong date modified/created is displayed for the family which was rejected on upload. 

•Fixed the issue with adding 2018 Models to a Project in Project Analytics. 

•Fixed the issue with Library Admins not receiving the Content Request creation email notifications. 

•Fixed the Web Portal issue with Library names shown as ‘unknown’ in Batch Editor History. 

•Fixed the issue with 2017 Revit Families data not being shown on the file details page. 

•Fixed the Web Portal issue with being unable to download Content Request design documents. 

Fixed the issue with Library Admins being unable to add tags on file upload. 

Channel Brand Images are now displayed properly in search results. 

All Search fields are enabled by default after update form UNIFI 3.6.0. 

Fixed the issue with Library Admin be unable to see the Content Requests made by company admin/standard user •against a shared library. 

•Fixed the issue with the first underscore in the file name not being shown during Batch Upload. 

•Fixed the issue with inability to download non-RFA items with special characters in the name form the Content Request. 

•Fixed the issue with unnecessary appendix being added to the file Legend name while using Project Harvest functionality. 

•Fixed the issue with invalid year folder structures being created when downloading Revit and Non-Revit content together. 

•Special characters (/,*,”) can be used in Drafting View names now. 

•Special characters in Revit Families names (/,*,”) are not being replaced with hyphens during export anymore. 



Thank you for being a valued UNIFI customer and taking the time to check out our 2021-2 release.  If you have any questions or want to learn more, please don’t hesitate to reach out directly. You’re also welcome to join our upcoming  webinar, “Savvy Searching” on June 9 at 11 am PDT to see the new search functionality from this release in action.

Until next time,  if there’s a feature, update, or bug fix you’re hoping for in a future UNIFI release, please don’t hesitate to let us know. 

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