We’re excited to announce that our latest software update is now live! You can now enjoy an enhanced UNIFI experience via:

•SSO Enhancments

•Several bug fixes and much more!

Keep reading for the full scoop and please note UNIFI Pro does not need to be updated to take advantage of this update.  UNIFI Pro 3.7 remains the latest version.


We’re excited to announce significant enhancements to our Single Sign On (SSO) functionality. 
Prior to this release, UNIFI’s SSO functionality included the ability to automatically create new users in UNIFI. Now, once SCIM provisioning is enabled, customers can also automate:
•User deactivation 
•User group updates 
•PATCH operations for updating users and user groups.

This additional functionality significantly reduces the manual effort required to manage users in UNIFI.

In addition, SSO provides significant efficiency gain for users by:

•Reducing password fatigue
•Simplifying username and password management
•Improving used identity and data protection
•Increasing speed by simplifying the login process
•Relieving help desk workloads
•Reduced security risk

To take advantage of SSO today, please reach out here. 


•Fixed an issue where Content Request email notifications were not sent to admins.

•Filtering by library on the Web Portal Notifications page now displays the library names.

•Fixed an issue where Unicode characters were replaced with a question mark when uploading Shared Parameter files in Shared Parameter Management.

•In Project Analytics, the Unique Team Members in Active Projects module is now populating correctly.

•In Project Analytics, local saves are no longer recorded for projects that have worksharing enabled.

•Fixed an issue where channels that have been shared with another company could not be deleted.

•Fixed an issue with User Group memberships not updating correctly via SSO.

•The “Token” field is no longer required when setting up a new SSO Identity Provider.

•The Content Management API now properly rejects requests that do not specify a Revit year.


Thank you for being a valued UNIFI customer and taking the time to get the details on our 2021-1 release.  Speaking of, you may notice that the numbering structure looks different from our previous releases. To keep things simple, we’ll utilize this structure moving forward where each release will start with the calendar year, followed by the release number in chronological order of that year.  Retroactive releases will be referenced by their original number.

Before you go, we want to quickly preview what you can expect in our next release, 2021-2:

•Search enhancements: Performance enhancements, optimized search results, additional search filters, and a streamlined search UI.

•Type Catalog Updates: As of Revit 2021, certain unit of measurement definitions have changed which can cause type catalogs to become incompatible between Revit 2021 and previous Revit years. As of our next update, customers will be able to manage multiple type catalogs for a single Revit family.

As always, if there’s a feature, update, or bug fix you’re hoping for in a future release please don’t hesitate to let us know.

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