Improve Your BIM Library With UNIFI’s Content Audit

BIM has become an essential part of the AECO industry over the last several years; so much so that many even consider it is one of the greatest technological advancements in the industry today. A foundational component of BIM is the content that comprises 3D models. BIM content includes everything from the assets that make up the appearance of the building to the technical aspects beneath the surface of your design. Top-quality BIM content has accurate data, is easy to use, is compact in size, and ultimately increases the velocity of any project delivery. Overall, the list of benefits of solid BIM content are endless and foundational to any quality BIM project. 

At UNIFI Labs, we understand that quality BIM content is also foundational to reaping the full benefits of our industry-leading BIM content management system leveraged by 40,000 users at leading AECOs across the globe. After all, what good is locating the content you’re looking for, four times as fast, if it’s not usable? To help, we are pleased to share our content audit reports.  

UNIFI’s content audit reports entails working with an experienced BIM expert to help you dissect and audit your content library. With your dedicated UNIFI team member, you can expect a thorough content analysis, personalized quality assessments, data review, and library recommendations. Once complete, your UNIFI BIM expert will gather and prepare a report of their findings in an easy-to-read and share dashboard. You can check out a sample of what this looks like, here.

As you can see, your customized content audit report will tell you essential information about your content library, including:  

• The level of nested components and what those nested families are  

• The distinct number of parameters and which parameters are shared and part of your company shared parameter file  

• Formula lengths within parameters  

• CAD imports in Revit content 

• File sizes  

• Color-coded recommendations  

• White family parameters repeat in multiple pieces of content that are not identified, as shared parameters (coming soon) 

In conclusion, BIM has revolutionized the AECO world for the better and it is undoubtable that high quality content is foundational to fully reaping the benefits of BIM. Leveraging UNIFI to manage your BIM content will save your designers time and your organization thousands of dollars per year, but requisite to  this, is getting your content library in order. 

We would love to help.  Ready to have your content library audited? Please fill out the form below!

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