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Since its origination over 100 years ago, the industry-leading engineering and environmental consulting agency known as Binnies, has consistently maintained their original vision from the moment they opened their doors. This vision consists of helping clients across the globe efficiently and effectively collect, store, move and treat water and wastewater, plan and manage watersheds, and harness the energy embedded in the treatment and movement of water. They have successfully achieved this mission by engineering solutions that not only manage flood and coastal erosion risk but also maintain and enhance the current environment, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their clientele needs. Binnies has achieved an award-winning integrated planning and design approach to deliver functional infrastructure and lasting environmental and social legacies. Binnies serves The Environment Agency, Singapore’s National Water Agency, Nicolas O’Dwyer, and many other globally known clients with their technical expertise. Some of Binnies most noted projects include The Severn Trent sewerage management plans and The Keppel Marina East Desalination Plant. To keep up with their global success, they expanded rapidly over the years and as of today they have offices in the UK, Hong Kong, and Singapore with a total of over 3,000 employees.


Binnies encountered a challenge around BIM content management and distribution as global demand for their services grew. Specifically, inserting content into Revit efficiently and keeping their massive content library updated with the latest version of Revit was becoming increasingly time-consuming. These issues not only started taking up a good chunk of their employees’ time, they also noticed several silos of rebuilt content appearing throughout the organization. The inefficiencies around searching, locating, and distributing content, all while keeping it up to date with the latest version of Revit inspired the cutting edge Binnies team to seek out a solution that could help them gain efficiency and avoid content rebuilds.


The first solutions they explored included implementing servers, common data environment storage, and the Bentley component center. Despite their best efforts, those approaches didn’t help fully solve the problems they faced or save them time. Binnies was committed to settling for nothing but the best solution and with their tip-top standards in mind, they eventually came across UNIFI. The Binnies team was blown away by UNIFI’s content management platform for its cutting edge search abilities and versioning features. Beyond the immense time-saving power within the UNIFI platform, Binnies was also impressed with how well the UNIFI team communicated, from responding rapidly to requests to taking the time to understand their organization and journey with them in advancing their BIM strategy. Ultimately, the industry leading platform in tandem with the UNIFI team made it the clear choice for the Binnies team.

  • Content Management Problems, Cured: The time-consuming, tedious tasks Binnies previously faced around their content management virtually disappeared upon implementing UNIFI. With the ability to manage their content library through an easy-to-use, intuitive user interface at their fingertips in the cloud, Binnies felt confident that UNIFI provided the single source of truth they need to quickly insert BIM content with confidence. Among the countless UNIFI features that wowed the Binnies team, versioning and future-proofing their library with automatic upgrades within UNIFI justified the platform investment in and of itself.
  • Climb Aboard the Easy Implementation Train:  Finding the best content management product in the market that solved their problems and helped them gain efficiency was one thing, the process of implementation and driving buy-in among their users was a whole additional hurdle. Much to the Binnies team’s delight, setting up and deploying UNIFI was effortless thanks to the assistance of UNIFI’s outstanding Customer Success team. The top-notch onboarding process led Gordan Maffot, Head of Engineering to state, “Great response times and communication with UNIFI.”

Wrap Up

Binnies is not the only engineering firm tremendously happy with their experience with UNIFI. UNIFI has an extensive list of delighted clients, including top AECO organizations like Kimley Horn, Chick-fil-A, Stantec, Beca, Galloway, HDR and more. With the average rating of UNIFI customers’ onboarding experience being 9.8/10 across 40,000+ global users, the stats of overwhelming customer satisfaction speak for themselves. Interested in how UNIFI could help your organization? Try it free by visiting  us at

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