Are government mandated BIM Standards necessary?

UNIFI had the privilege to bring on a very special guest, John Messner PhD, to discuss BIM Standards on our latest webinar. Dr. Messner has a lengthy resume of impressive accolades including Director of Computer Integrated Research Construction at Penn State, buildingSmart Alliance chair (a council within the National Institute of Building Sciences), and chair of research at the Lean Construction Institute. Among his noteworthy accomplishments, Dr. Messner led the development of the BIM Project Execution Planning Guide and the BIM Planning Guide for Facility Owners. He also researched the application of advanced visualization strategies and building information including the development of 2 immersive construction labs.

The UNIFI team was very excited to discuss the hot topic of BIM Standards. The UK has recently mandated BIM standards for any government-funded projects, and we wanted to get the discussion started world wide. Prior to our webinar, we conducted a series of Twitter polls to gain insight into the general thought on this matter.  We learned that our audience thinks that government BIM Standards are necessary:

The overwhelming majority selected “yes,sometimes” when asked if government mandated BIM Standards are necessary. In other words government mandated BIM Standards are necessary, but not in all cases according to most of our Twitter poll. All sounds good in theory, but we wanted to dig a little deeper and gauge whether or not our audience would actually support government mandated BIM Standards in the United States:

When it comes to putting a government mandated BIM Standard in the US in practice, 30% of our audience was opposed whereas about half were in support. Overall, it seems like the public consensus is that individuals aren’t exactly sure what they think about BIM Standards and need more information to form an opinion either way. In our interview with Dr. John Messner we just that; insight and information to determine your own position on BIM Standards.

Check it out below:

Did Dr. Messner’s insight help you form an opinion? Change the opinion you had before listening? Or are you still unsure how you feel about government mandated BIM Standards? What information do you need to take a position either way? Let us know in the comments below!

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