Employee Spotlight: Chris Porter

Employee Spotlight: Chris Porter

As any UNIFI team member will tell you, Chris is always the one to get the music playing and the party started at UNIFI. As our VP of Growth, Chris leads our sales organization at UNIFI and is responsible for working with our customers to understand how UNIFI can best be journeying with their organizations as they advance their content management adoption. He consistently comes up with creative ideas to grow UNIFI’s footprint in the building industry, all while serving as a mentor and coach to his team and the broader organization. His unique mix of confidence, reliability, and deep integrity have made him an integral leader at UNIFI and a trusted partner to our customers.   

We sat down with Chris to get his view on what it’s like to work at UNIFI and to understand his journey with the company since he started at UNIFI over three years ago. Continue to read below to see our interview with Chris! 

➊ What is your current position at UNIFI? 

VP of Growth. I work with our current customers on their renewals to understand how we can keep them on longer and improve our journey through the product and in our relationship. I also work with our new sales team on how we can establish more trust with the industry and space through our intent and credibility in the space. 

➋ What has your experience been with our company culture? 

Being at UNIFI for over 3 years, I love how authentic and passionate the team is to create a great environment in the BIM space. 

➌ What are some things you have noticed about our leadership team? 

Our leadership team cares. They want to make a difference in the industry by building a better today to enable a better tomorrow. I’m impressed with their mentality of going the extra mile and doing whatever it takes to improve. 

➍ What parts of our mission do you connect with? 

I connect with building a better now. One of my key goals in my role is to establish trust. I believe that trust is an equation that is built through intent and credibility. As we build a better now, we achieve that trust by showing we do what we say we’ll do; that we listen to our customers. 

➎ What has been your biggest accomplishments on our team? 

Assembling a team that is hardworking and trustworthy with ownership and accountability.  

➏ Which benefits are your favorite and why? 

I love the freedom to own my role, expand it and pass that on to the other members of my team. I also enjoy the health benefits for me and my family. Not worrying about that bill is a comforting feeling. 

➐ Before working here, what was an exciting job you had? 

I’ve been grateful to work in both the fintech space as well as the marketing automation space. I learned from great leaders in both spaces and am grateful for the lessons taught in both industries from great people. 

➑ What drew you to UNIFI originally? And how has UNIFI changed since? 

Our COO, Virginia, and CEO, Dwayne Miller, are amazing people. I was so impressed with their authenticity and integrity. They helped me feel that the only limits to our growth as a team would be the limits I place myself. What tremendous confidence they gave me from an early stage. I remember feeling like I was thrown into the deep end, but with the ability to not only survive but thrive. UNIFI has worked to become more interconnected with other platforms in the BIM space through our APIs and building integrations within the product. I’m excited for the next phase in the coming months that will unify some of our more legacy technology with the new and requested functionality our customers have helped us prioritize.  

➒ List a couple of fun facts about you! 

I’m a girldad who is blessed to raise 3 feisty daughters with my best friend and wife! I speak Hungarian and lived in various cities of Hungary for 2 years. I love to quote movies and I love sports. I’m an unapologetic Bay Area sports fan #faithfultothebay. 

“Chris has had an extraordinary impact on our organization since joining UNIFI, both in terms of his influence on revenue growth and team culture. Chris is one of the most gifted sales professionals I’ve had the pleasure of working with during my career, and his passion for journeying with our customers has enabled us to greatly expand our reach in the industry.  His leadership internally has been perhaps even more meaningful, as an ‘Extreme Ownership’ enthusiast and skilled negotiator, Chris is looked up to as a trusted coach across the organization and sets the tone for accountability in everything we do. His movie quotes and impressions aren’t too shabby either!” 

We are more than grateful to have employees like Chris on team UNIFI. Want to learn more about the great team members that make UNIFI, the industry leading BIM content management platform, happen and the latest news about UNIFI. Just Subscribe to our blog by filling out the form below!  

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The Top BIM Events To Attend in 2022

In-person events are starting to make a comeback and our team is thrilled to finally see our amazing customers and others in our industry face to face. The value you can gain from events is limitless. First off, the knowledge you gain from attending them is irreplaceable. Then, there is nothing better than meeting with colleagues, vendors, and even the competition in person and getting that quality time with them to make that personal connection. Lastly, you get to switch up your daily routine and have the privilege to travel to a new place.  

Since the beginning of the year, we have been making a list and checking it twice 😉 on which BIM events are a must to attend. UNIFI Labs has been attending and speaking at events for years, so we know that every event has something different to offer. Want lots of classes or speakers? Go to Autodesk University. Prefer a smaller event? Check out BILT. Want a mix of technology and industry news? AIBD is perfect for you.  

To help make it even easier for you, we have created a list of the top events to attend this year and which ones we are attending as well. Below you will find the list of the top ten BIM events to take part in:  

➊ AIBD Design and Build Conference, Houston, TX, February 24th-25th – https://aibd.org/  

➋ BILT Europe, Spain, May 3rd-5th – https://www.dbei.org/  

➌ Digital Construction Week, London, May 18th-19th – Digital Construction Week | Innovation in the Built Environment  

➍ BILT, Anaheim, CA, June 14th-16th –https://www.dbei.org  

➎ Built Worlds US Summit, Chicago, IL, September 7th-8th  2022 Americas Summit – BuiltWorlds  

➏ BIM Coordinators Summit, Ireland, September 8th – HOME | BIMCoordinatorSummit  

➐ Autodesk University, New Orleans, LA, September 27th-29th – AU 2022 Overview | Autodesk University  

➑ International Conference on Engineering, Project, and Production Management, Greece, October 12th-14th – 12th EPPM International Conference, 12-14 Oct 2022, Athens, Greece (view.gr)  

➒ BIMEXPO, Spain, November 11th-15th – BIMExpo 2022 | Trade Fair Leader in BIM Knowledge and Solutions (ifema.es)  

➓ BIM World, Germany, November 22nd-23rd – BIM World MUNICH – The Leading BIM Networking Platform (bim-world.de)  

UNIFI Labs will not only be attending multiple events this year, but our COO, Virginia Senf, will be speaking at the BIM Coordinators Summit in September! Here is some detailed information on the events that UNIFI is attending and why they chose to join them:

 Autodesk University is the premier learning destination for Autodesk customers, bringing together design and engineering professionals from around the world. At the event, they have classes, case studies, and lectures with product experts and thought leaders. The team at UNIFI chooses to attend and have a booth at this event because you will learn from the best in the business, with thought leaders and innovators in each industry sharing experience, insight, and vision. Plus, it allows us to network with AECO organizations and catch up with customers who are also attending. To learn more information about Autodesk University, click on this link. https://www.autodesk.com/autodesk-university/  

The BIM Coordinators Summit is a celebration of the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industries and the brilliant minds that are the driving force behind them. You will gain an in-depth knowledge of how efficient information workflows can help you. UNIFI’s own Virginia Senf will be speaking at this event, speaking on “How to increase your influence and technology budget by talking to management in their language.” This talk will go into detail on how to get your management team excited about investing in the tools you need to do your best job while growing your internal influence in the process. Speaking at this event is a huge accomplishment for UNIFI labs and is necessary to attend to not only support Virginia but learn from the other speakers too. For more information about the BIM, Coordinators Summit follow this link. https://www.bimcoordinatorsummit.net/  

BILT, which is also part of Digital Built Week is a BIM event that UNIFI just attended. Designed to cater to the needs of those who design, build, operate, and maintain our built environment. This event is geared towards professionals in the industry and is dedicated to improving how they all work together in the industry. There are numerous events at BILT and during the entire Digital Built Week. UNIFI Labs has chosen to attend this event to network with other organizations in the industry and learn more about the industry in the lectures they have at the conferences. If you are interested in learning more about BILT, click on the link. https://www.dbei.org/  

UNIFI Labs hopes to see you at these events and encourages you to come up to us and say hi. Don’t hesitate to reach out ahead of time to set up a meeting with us. Not attending? You can set up a virtual meeting with us to learn more about UNIFI Labs, the industry-leading content management platform, and how we can help your organization. Just fill out the form below to set up a meeting.  

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