The Best Revit Add-Ins You Can’t Afford to go Without

As we get more and more comfortable with Revit, we find ourselves wondering why Revit doesn’t have ‘X Feature’…. ‘X Feature’ would save us tons of time! Some of Revit gurus out there might even develop our own custom applications utilizing the Revit API. However Not all of us are programmers, which sends us on the search for the perfect add-in. We’re even willing to pay for the best Revit add-ins so long as they significantly improve our workflows. Below is a list of what I’ve come across as ‘The Best Revit Add-Ins’ no matter your discipline of choice. Hope you enjoy and find them as useful as I have.

KIWI CODES – BONUS TOOLS –KIWI CODES have a few products within their Revit add-in line(s), but I’ve found the Bonus Tools product instrumental one of the best Revit add-ins both as a designer and a BIM Manager. With tools like Family Tracker, View/Sheet Creator, Aligning Views on Sheets, and beyond I’ve gotten countless hours back into my day. Starting at $35 for a single license annually, this tool set is a no brainer. 

COINS Auto-Section Box  – this free tool is considered one of the best Revit add-ins because it gives you impressive speed,  dexterity, and creates three-dimensional views while analyzing model areas with native Revit versions 2016 and forward. This functionality allows you to create section boxes from model elements and improves the workflow to allow for aligning the section box to walls or other line-based geometry by showing your newly created 3D view automatically next to the view you started from and more. You can’t afford to go without this tool if you’re a BIM coordinator.

RAVEN – BIM Communication – since Autodesk has done away with the Communicator within BIM360 Design, a few people have asked if there is tool I consider one of the best Revit add-ins that can assist them with inter-model communication. (especially regarding who is syncing the model). Including a Revit model chat room, this easily affordable Revit add-in (starting at $5 per user/per month) notifies users whenever team members join the model, reloads or synchronizes with central. You can easily mitigate hours of wasted time due to overlapping sync with Raven.

UNIFI – a cloud-based content management platform built with Revit in mind, UNIFI can store virtually any file type. With a built-in content request platform for new/existing content, you’ll ensure nothing is buried in email or desk drop-ins ever again. The ability to add additional data to your content as well as search by parameter within Revit components, UNIFI seamlessly integrates into any workflow. UNIFI is a must have to find content up to 78% faster and save designers over 200 hours a year.  To learn more about UNIFI, get a free demo here.

In conclusion, adopting the best Revit add-ins into your team’s workflow for optimal efficiency. On top of that, using Revit add-ins is a great way to be successful in your position as a BIM leader and advance your career.

We want to hear from you… what are the best Revit add-ins that you absolutely can’t be without? Please comment below to let us know!

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