Standardizing Revit Hatch Patterns with UNIFI

Please fill out the following form to subscribe to our blog: Don’t worry, your email is safe with us. Revit hatch patterns, officially known as Fill Patterns, are a critical graphical element when developing drawings in Revit. They can help denote the material of an element, differentiate a section cut from the surface of an element, […]

Feb 27 @ 11 AM pst: Webinar Invite

Join us to learn what firms want in BIM content from the firsthand experience of Nancy McClure, Digital Design Application Specialist at Interior Architects (IA). We will get our guest’s take on the key elements of high quality BIM content as well the specific components she looks for in the vetting process. We will also discuss geometry standards, data standards, and overall what makes a good […]

View Range in Revit for MEP Disciplines Part 2

When setting up your views for the MEP disciplines, configuring view range in Revit can be confusing at first. Our previous post walked you through how to make MEP elements in the ceiling space visible on floor plan views using view range settings. For this post, we’ll show you how to show MEP elements that are below or cast […]

View Range in Revit for MEP Disciplines

When setting up your views for the MEP disciplines, configuring their view ranges in Revit can have somewhat of a steep learning curve. In this two-part blog series, I’ll cover some techniques one how to properly show/hide MEP elements that are typically above the ceiling or below the Level of a floor plan. In the illustration above, the […]

Feb 14 @ 11 AM pst: Webinar Invite

Team UNIFI has been building top quality Revit content for over 10 years with our UNIFI Create services!  Join us to learn our best practices for building Revit families that we’ve developed through our vast experience creating thousands of content pieces for our industry’s top manufacturers including: Katerra, Legrand,   Mitsubishi Electric, Zurn, Grundfos, and more.  Click here to register.

Enscape and Revit: Creating Real Time Renderings and Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a hot topic in the AEC space today. There are many ways to bring your Revit model into a VR environment. One of which is a bit like building your own “game” using a gaming engine such as Unity, however this route which requires software development experience. In the AEC space, a […]