3.1.3 Release Notes

Hey UNIFI Customers,

Our latest software update was released May 31, 2018.  We’ve fixed a few bugs and have made a few updates to improve performance while building out capabilities for upcoming features.

Updates can happen in 2 ways depending on how your company has asked us to set it up:

  1. Users update the UNIFI add-on themselves:
    • In this case, close Revit, wait a few minutes then re-open and then open UNIFI through the desktop application or Start Menu. All done!
  2. Your IT Department does it for you:
    • In this case, you don’t have to lift a finger.   IT can update everything centrally for you.

Wondering which way your company has this set up?

If you get a prompt that a new version of UNIFI is available, you need to update at the user level.   If you never see a prompt, your IT department is probably managing the situation for you.

We hope the new updates improve your user experience.

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or feedback to support@unifilabs.com.




  • General
    • Compatibility with Revit and AutoCAD 2019 software products.
    • A button has been added to the navigation bar for making suggestions to the UNIFI team via our new ideas portal.
    • A loading bar appears when a file is being opened or downloaded to inform the user that the request is processing.
    • When downloading files, a directory can be specified and the user has the option whether or not to download as a zip folder.

    File Support

    • Clicking the preview image for Revit family template files (.rft) will create a new family file (.rfa) from the selected template.
    • RFT files are now parsed and will show the same data on the file details page as RFA files.
    • RVT, RTE, and RFT files are automatically upgraded upon upload to all newer versions of Revit.
    • Display Units (Metric/Imperial) are now displayed for Revit content.
    • The option to overwrite a family and its parameter values has been added when inserting loadable families into a project where it already exists.

    Harvest Project

    • Preview images are automatically generated when the category tab is selected, no need to manually load.
    • Sheet numbers are displayed along with the sheet names.

    Single Sign-On

    • Added support for Oracle’s SSO for identity and access management.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue where creating a user through My Account does not add the new user to default user groups.
    • Fixed the saved search name filter so it now filters saved search results properly.
    • Fixed an issue where revision notes modified through a content upload request do not appear on the file details page.
    • Fixed legend support in Harvest Project Elements where copied legends appear blank in the target project.
    • Fixed an issue in Harvest Project Elements where opening a central model using the “Open File Project” option would fail.
    • Fixed an issue in Harvest Project Elements where copying a drafting view would create two instances of the view, one correct and one blank.
    • Fixed an issue with channels where the ‘copy to library’ function would fail if the selected content includes a type catalog.
    • Fixed an issue where uploading a Revit project file would fail to appear in the upload interface if unresolved references exist within the file.
    • Fixed an issue where a pending new revision upload for a Revit family that adds/removes a type catalog would affect the type catalog association of the active family.
    • Fixed an issue where renamed drafting views, schedules, and system families would fail to insert from search and browse.
    • Fixed an issue where the UNIFI desktop application would crash if the auto-collapse or pin options are selected.
    • Fixed an issue where clicking the “X” next to a base file and confirming the file delete dialog would not remove the base file.
    • Fixed an issue with the “Autostart” option would toggle off after the UNIFI desktop application has been updated.
    • Fixed an issue where inserting wall types from UNIFI into Revit 2018.2 would crash Revit.
    • Fixed an issue where inserting detail groups from UNIFI into Revit 2018 would crash Revit.
    • Fixed an issue where inserting system families from UNIFI into Revit 2015 would crash Revit.
    • Fixed an issue with the Content Request form where the “Due Date” field did not update based on the user’s local time zone/region settings.
    • Fixed an issue where the library report would always display ratings of “0” for all content.
    • Fixed an issue where Revit family types from a type catalog with a # symbol in the file name would fail to insert.
    • Fixed an issue with the AutoCAD add-in where a FILEDIA setting of “1” would cause the “Load/Unload Customizations” dialogue to appear when starting AutoCAD.
    • Fixed an issue where file types would be grayed out when a design program was open and connected to UNIFI, now we only gray out files that are associated with the active design program but are incompatible with the version being used.
    • Fixed an issue where files could not be found after completing a content request where the content already exists in a shared library.
    • Fixed an issue where renamed drafting views would appear in the library report with their original name.
    • Fixed an issue where the family category shown in UNIFI would not update after being modified in the family.
    • Fixed an issue where system types would display the type name as the family category.