3.1.1 & 3.1.2 Release Notes

Our team at UNIFI hopes everyone is having a fantastic New Year. Here is a quick update on the features and fixes included in our most recent releases. While both were minor releases, they each pushed several important updates.

Please remember to close Revit prior to updating, and open UNIFI through the desktop application or Start Menu (do not use the Revit add-in or UNIFI will not be able to update).

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or feedback to support@unifilabs.com.

Warm Regards,

The UNIFI team


  • Fixed projects appearing in project spaces for customers in GMT+ time zones
  • Fixed add-ins to support schedule insertions in Revit 2018.2
  • Fixed documentation link in diagnostics client
  • Fixed client crash issue when upgrade is available, and Revit has been left open
  • Fixed issue that occurred when Revit & AutoCAD were connected, and switching from AutoCAD to Revit resulted in a failed switch
  • Fixed issue with upload screen being very slow when many files were added (large folder dragged in)
  • Fixed an issue where the UNIFI client could crash when multiple design environments are connected
  • Fixed an issue where inactive users were reported in portal erroneously
  • Project Harvest will now copy the contents of Drafting Views, as well as the view


  • Fixed AutoCAD crashing on .dwg file larger than 1.7 MB
  • Fixed insert drafting view failing issue for C4R
  • Fixed an issue where library admin files were not searchable if first revision
  • Fixed not all tags being applied to uploads
  • Fixed Preview Images not captured on upload if the file extension was capitalized
  • Fixed an issue where the UNIFI portal shortcut opened a browser default homepage in Internet Explorer
  • Fixed metrics issue for Landbridge data not sending
  • Fixed an issue where users created through ‘My Account’ were not getting added to default groups
  • Fixed Diagnostics sending a false positive to Portal