A new way your content workflows with design partners!

Recently, we announced a brand new way to think about how you collaborate with outside design partners on content – Library Sharing.  Library Sharing is now officially supported for all UNIFI customers!  It’s been thrilling to see how UNIFI continues to add value to bridge information gaps and foster collaboration across the building lifecycle – first through improving how content is consumed, […]

V2.0.3 Release Notes

We are pleased to announce that our 2.0.3 release is live!  This morning, 2.0.3 was pushed to production in a quick, 15 minutes process that required no downtime for our users.  We are excited to see another monthly release that makes several improvements to our platform and bug fixes. Check out what’s new below: Collaborative Library Sharing This release […]

Attention: UNIFI customers who use Ideate Sticky

We wanted to inform customers of an issue related to April 2016 release of Ideate Sticky for Revit when used simultaneously with UNIFI. While using the following specific environment, it has been discovered that model corruption may occur.– Revit 2016– Ideate Sticky 2016.3.26338– UNIFI 2.0.X– Insertion of System families (Walls, Ceilings, Pipe types, etc.) or […]

V2.0.2 Release Notes

We are pleased to report of another successful update to UNIFI! Version 2.0.2 represents another minor release and is comprised mostly of bug fixes and improvements to the installer and automatic update system.  We expect this release to result in a more streamlined automatic update experience going forward. Bugs: [UD-490] Uploads and exports couldn’t be […]

V2.0.1 Release Notes

We are happy to report a successful 2.0.1 release today!  This release is a minor increment to the UNIFI version but significant nonetheless! Over 100 bugs and requests were addressed, making this one of our largest bug fixing releases ever.  We were also able to deliver on requests made through our customer ideas site.  Six user requests […]