UNIFI Connect Ensures Access to Quality BIM Content

UNIFI Connect Bridges the Gap to Bring AECs and BPMs Closer Together

UNIFI, the world’s foremost cloud-based platform for creating and managing BIM content, has partnered with leading global Building Product Manufacturers (BPMs) to establish the building industry’s premier publicly available, quality controlled BPM content library – UNIFI Connect. Leveraging UNIFI’s industry-leading search and expert content creation capabilities, all content hosted on UNIFI Connect meets our stringent, industry-leading content quality benchmarks.  Users enjoy seamless integration of content into Autodesk Revit project models via the UNIFI content management platform.

Up to this point, the prevalence of public content libraries hosting content of varying standards and minimal quality control has presented AEC BIM leaders with a serious challenge in ensuring only high quality content reaches their firm-based content libraries, and in turn, project models. This lack of quality BPM content has inhibited BIM maturity for AECs of all sizes, slowing their project delivery timeline and driving additional costs to their clients.

UNIFI Connect eliminates uncertainty surrounding external content by establishing a trusted source for BPM content, ensuring all content hosted meets UNIFI’s stringent quality standards by passing it through our proprietary content auditing tools. AECs gain access to high quality BPM content is easily accessible and inserted into models through UNIFI’s content management platform. BIM leaders can now be assured the BPM content their designers are inserting into projects is high quality and easy to find, as well as receiving analytics on which products are being used across projects. Additionally, enabled by their industry leading content management system, UNIFI Connect provides AECs with the ability to make BPM libraries private to their designers, so that the BPM content is searchable within their firm-specific naming conventions.

“UNIFI Connect is the missing link between building product manufacturers and AECs, ensuring that high quality BIM content is readily accessible and is safe to be utilized in models, ” says Mark Eslinger, CTO of UNIFI.  “This is a big step in advancing UNIFI’s solutions that bring the building industry together and further the advancement of BIM.”

Drawing on their experience creating content for both AECs and BPMs, UNIFI’s Content Creation team has populated UNIFI Connect with the highest quality and most in-demand manufacturer product categories, based on feedback from BIM specialists at leading AEC firms. As UNIFI continues to grow the selection of BPM content available through its new portal, manufacturers who are interested in making their products directly available to many of the world’s largest and most prominent AECs can contact UNIFI’s Content Creation experts about creating BIM content for their product lines or having their existing BIM content certified at info@unifilabs.com or call us at 702.527.6460.


UNIFI is the essential cloud platform to create and manage Revit and digital building content. The UNIFI content creation team utilizes a unique blend of industry knowledge and proven expertise to create the highest quality BIM assets along with maximizing the investments in existing assets.  The UNIFI content management platform ensures data consistency and anywhere access to BIM content – across teams and global offices. Learn why leading architectural, engineering, construction and manufacturing organizations trust UNIFI as the complete solution for their building content management needs at www.unifilabs.com or contact us at 702.527.6460.