UNIFI Accelerates BIM Advancement To Drive Business Benefit

UNIFI Strategy Library Audit Increases Value of BIM Content

While there is no panacea for building industry BIM content and libraries, UNIFI continues to lead the evolution by building out the tools and analytics that enable AECs to optimize their BIM investment.  The release of UNIFI’s new Strategic Library Audit accompanied by a robust set of usage analytics is the next step in the BIM maturity journey.  The Audit reviews your current BIM content standards & library strategy to provide a strategic roadmap for improving the overall quality & productivity of your content library.  The analytics provide unique insights into what content is used, how often, by user and by project.

AEC firms have made substantial investments in BIM and the industry still struggles with BIM process challenges and strategies for extensive, quality-controlled content libraries.  The cost of “bad” BIM content adds up quickly – whether it’s difficult to find, near impossible to place; does not document or schedule, fails to coordinate correctly or even causes project models to crash – bad content impairs project productivity and adversely impacts the bottom line.  UNIFI’s Audit accelerates BIM advancement by assessing the current state of your BIM content, identifying potential problem areas, and providing an actionable plan for improvement.  Advanced BIM organizations enjoy a wide range of benefits through consistent documentation and standards, including enhanced project efficiency and streamlined coordination with partners, and project risk mitigation.  By leveraging the power of UNIFI’s cloud, AECs gain an essential understanding of their BIM content’s quality level and are also able to access that information on-demand as libraries evolve.  AEC’s are driving their business forward by converting quality content into Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality renderings for clients, thus transforming themselves into data providers so owners & operators can better construct and manage their buildings,

“UNIFI is committed to providing our customers with tools and resources to ensure that their investments in BIM are fully realized” says Ben Fox, CTO of UNIFI Create. “Ensuring that BIM content libraries are consistent and aligned with firm-based standards not only increases the productivity of a firm, but of the industry as a whole.”

National BIM Manager for Jasmax, Melanie Tristram says “Having access to a service that interrogates significant volumes of content and generates reports identifying areas for improvement is a highly valuable prospect”.

Take the next step in the BIM evolution in partnership with the proven expertise and leadership of UNIFI. To assist AECs in optimizing for BIM maturity, UNIFI is offering a free one hour consultation to assess the quality of your BIM content library. And, as an additional incentive, any content services identified during that Audit will be given a 30% discount if you engage with our content creation team before November 30, 2016.  Contact us at info@unifilabs.com or call us at 702.527.6460.


UNIFI is the essential cloud platform to create and manage Revit and digital building content. The UNIFI content creation team utilizes a unique blend of industry knowledge and proven expertise to create the highest quality BIM assets along with maximizing the investments in existing assets.  The UNIFI content management platform ensures data consistency and anywhere access to BIM content –across teams and global offices. Learn why leading architectural, engineering, construction and manufacturing organizations trust UNIFI as the complete solution for their building content management needs at www.unifilabs.com or contact us at 702.527.6460.