UNIFI Connect Update – New Brands Available to AECs & New Content and Project Usage Metrics Available to Manufacturers

UNIFI Connect, the industry’s only content hosting platform that integrates directly into the design workflow of AECs, continued to grow in Q3 and welcomed high quality BIM content from a number of leading global manufacturers, including:

As the UNIFI platform continues to expand, we’re also excited to announce that several new metrics are being added to the BIM Content Usage Reports that are delivered to the Building Product Manufacturers who make their content available to AECs on UNIFI Connect.

As our 3.1 release goes live in the next few weeks we will be collecting more data through Project Analytics, which will result in greater insight into project-specific data. Read on to see how UNIFI is providing manufacturers with the most detailed data on how their content is being specified into live projects, enabling better collaboration between AECs and Manufacturers.

Our latest and greatest usage reports now include the following new metrics:

Project Location Data

We are now including location data for all projects that have this information available in the Building Information Model. Note that this metric is “In Beta” as we launch Project Analytics for our AEC customers, which will greatly increase the amount of project location data we collect. The format of project location data is currently varied as it is pulled directly from what has been entered in the model, and may be shown in either longitude vs. latitude or City/State.

“Cloned” Insertion Data…How is your content being used, even when it is copied and updated?

Have you run into AEC customers who have a blanket ban on using manufacturer content in their company projects? That rule is more frequent than you’d expect, as manufacturer-created content is often incompatible with firm-specific and project-specific standards.  This means that the odds of a download that you see on a typical content hosting platform actually making it into a firm’s projects are very low.

Therefore, as we’ve watched user behavior after the launch of UNIFI Connect, we haven’t been surprised to observe that many of our AEC customer’s Company Admins aren’t subscribing to a manufacturer’s channel and making it directly available to all internal users. Instead, they are subscribing a small group of their admins to the channels, copying the content into their internal library, updating the data to their firm-specific standards and THEN finally making that content available to their design staff for use in live projects. Long story short? If you aren’t aware of how that copied or “cloned” content is being used, you aren’t seeing the full picture of specifications and opportunities to engage with the AEC (see the graphic below for a visual of how this process works).

Our insertion metrics now include data on content when it is copied into the company library, potentially updated, and then inserted into live projects. Note that these “cloned” insertions are shown separately, providing you with visibility into how frequently your customers are following this workflow.

User Group Subscriptions

All users within UNIFI belong to one or more User Groups, which are typically based on office location or another geography designation (e.g. “North America User Group”). Each user group may be subscribed to various manufacturer channels on UNIFI Connect by the user group’s designated Admin.

Subscription data on specific user groups is now available to manufacturers and can assist in identifying which regional users within a large company are using a brand, as well as which are not. For example, you can explore a single global design firm and see all of their User Groups, examine which of those user groups are subscribed to your channel, check out how many product insertions they have made, view searches from that user group in your channel, and finally determine how many projects each user group has specified your products into.

Please note that the user group we currently see most frequently subscribed to manufacturer channels on Connect across our AEC customer base is the “Company Admin” group. This user group represents a group of Company Admins that has copied the content into their internal company library, as explored in the section above.

If you have any questions on the “cloned” content workflow shown above or are interested in walking through your usage report with a UNIFI Customer Success Expert, please don’t hesitate to reach out us at support@unifilabs.com. We hope you’re excited as we are about the value that these deeper insights will deliver to helping manufacturers develop a better understanding of how their BIM content is being used by AECs.