v1.8.1 Release Notes

We are very happy to announce the release of Unifi v1.8.1. Lots and lots of bugs have been squashed in this version in our continual effort to provide a stable enterprise level application!

Exterminated Bugs:

  • Fixed a bug where a URL in file details was being truncated when clicked on and would not send the user to the correct URL in the web browser. Whats the point of a web link if it doesn’t work?
  • Fixed several areas where Unifi displays date so that it will display in the correct format per your region of the globe. (dd/mm/yyyy & mm/dd/yyyy)
  • Fixed an issue when renaming a User Group would not save the new name correctly, and for this we apologize.
  • Fixed an issue where Library names that began with underscores, did not show the prefixed underscore in the library selector on the search page. (Thanks Jason R!)
  • Resolved a couple issues with the Type catalog window:
    • No longer will inserting from a Type Catalog will it overwrite all existing types and their values, this was not cool.
    • Once types have been inserted into a project, and you select the family again to insert more types, all existing types in the model are highlighted in the Type Catalog interface.
    • Some Type Catalogs were not being displayed correctly due to various delimiters that can be used, whether a semicolon or comma is used, both are now displaying as expected.
  • “Star Rating Ascending” sort option was not displaying 0 (non-rated) content up top. This has been fixed.
  • During a content request, if an Admin dragged and dropped content into the screen to upload it, then canceled the request, that content was still uploaded to Unifi and available in search/browse. We have stopped this madness.
  • Fixed a bug where clicking on a tag from the File Details page was not firing off a new search.
  • Fixed an issue when a Admin is reviewing a batch file upload, and clicks the back button, the page is reset to the first page in a multi page review. It has been reported that this was making people throw things at their colleagues. In an effort to promote workplace safety this bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed a user to create two saved searches with the same name.
  • Fixed a bug where renaming a Saved Search Group would allow you to create another Saved Search Group with the same name.
  • Fixed a bug where when logged out of Unifi with the app still open, and a user attempts to Batch Export content from a open Revit project, Unifi gets angry and crashes.
  • Fixed a bug where in some cases if an Admin changes the libraries of a In Progress content request, the library changes would not stick.
  • Fixed a bug where entering “<3” in the search bar was returning all results not just favorites. This shortcut now shows you just the content you love.
  • Added labels to the Identity Provider text fields so you know what info goes where when editing.
  • Fixed a bug when an Admin would Delete a library and choose to “Move files to another library”, the files where not being moved and stuck in purgatory. We are all happier now that Unifi does what it says it will do.
  • The Live Chat support has been removed from this release. We are planning to replace it with a more scalable solution, but for now it is now we feel its better to remove it than to have it not work consistently.

Have a new idea you would like to see added to Unifi? A new Ideas portal is now live and open to all customers! Your ideas matter, login and start submitting your ideas directly to the Unifi team today. You can vote on other peoples ideas and let the Unifi team know what YOU want us to build next!

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 3.39.18 PM

We truly hope you enjoy this release. Thank you to all our great customers who share our vision of organizing, analyzing, and distributing the worlds BIM data!!

The Unifi team is already working on Unifi 2.0 which is being released at Autodesk University Dec 2nd-4th!! If you are attending AU be sure to swing by our booth and try out the new Unifi yourself at our demo center!


Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!